In my mind Vs reality/ meme edition.

Hello everyone

I am again here with a new collection of memes for you people to bring smile on your cute faces. I always come up with some realistic ideas and so is today, i am here with something which occurs often in our daily lives. Yup you got it, i am talking about a situation which seems so good when it is in our minds but in reality it never turns true. Let me give some examples to you people 😅

Trying to get healthy diet

I often think about maintaining my diet in a good way and i always think about trying something by myself. I do it because you all know that the hotel food is always unhealthy and also it can't be trusted when it comes to your health.

I was scrolling YouTube and a recipe came in front of my eyes, i decided to cook it by myself in a healthy way. It was looking so easier and also i was happy that today i will eat something healthy but only after some moments i picked my phone up and ordered the same thing from the restaurant because i can't put much effort. Lol

Becoming a responsible guy

Who doesn't likes to be a clean person. I am a student and i live in hostel nowadays. My room is not much organised and sometimes i just want it clean and organized. This is what i sometimes think to make it clean but what happens next

I do think of making my room clean but it is only upto my thoughts like i said that how easy it looks when it is restricted only to mind. But when it comes to doing that thing then there is a complete no. I even make things more complicated like when i decided to make it clean i spread even more wrappers around

Having some punctuality in life

We all always think of waking up earlier sometimes in our lives. But when it is the adult life it is merely possible to do so. Because waking up till late night is now a habit of many of us and we can't make it to the early wakeups

But i decided to wake up early in the morning once. I slept on time and woke up earlier (according to my mind) that day. But when i saw the watch it was saying good afternoon brother 😂. I figured out that i have turned off my several times and also have snoozed it whenever it tried to wake me up

Financial genius

Money problem is a common problem for Many people around and when it comes to the student life it is the worst thing one can imagine of. Because budgeting your money during your university days seems like it is the impossible task.

It is common for me to always set a budget schedule for my monthly pocket money which is provided to me by my parents. But there is not month passed when i haven't tried to figure out that where my money has gone despite i have scheduled a perfect budget

Focus on books

Well, facing failure in everything i decided to go for something easy. I am a student of English and that is why i decided to read books to increase my vocabulary of English. It seemed really easy guys, i just had to visit the library once a day and read some of the books. Very easy

Oh my god, hey guys no! It ain't my business. I can't do that, it was a huge library with thousands of books in it( talking about my university library) when i entered there my all enthusiastic personality just vanished and i turned my way back to my hostel room. Result was that i failed again in Imagination vs reality scenario. Lol

Coming towards conclusion

Well after looking at all the scenarios and after telling it to you people i have only one conclusion in my mind and that is what i am going to share with you guys

I have told you guys each and every thing and you all know that it ain't my cup of tea. That is why i finally decided to let it go in the way it is going. Because it is the only way to happiness. Just do what makes you happy and rest is none of your headache. Lol

Well, this was all from my side.






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