In Worst Inflation, some cool Memes

Hello Hive Learners Community! Welcome to my blog. Another weekend is nearly finished and we are moving towards new weekend. Hence, I 'm here to share another edition of memes. First, I wan to present my greetings to this edition of Creative-Sunday, it will be more fun and good. This time, I took selfie when I was in hilly areas to welcome Creative Sunday.

2023-11-19 02_57_25~2.jpg

Meme Background

In Pakistan, inflation rate is high. The sky kissing prices for edible products are beyond the buy limits of average family. It is first time, I have seen my family has no money for buying edibles products. Everyday there is new high price. The speed of increase in prices is uncontrollable.

2023-11-19 02_59_03~2.jpg

Although, I 'm worried to see the prices but I have decided to share memes and smile instead of crying.

TV News With Family:

Other families love to watch News Channel for getting entertainment and weather updates. My family is different. Everytime when I watch News with my father, our main focus is to hear the variation in dollar price because it directly affects on many other products.

2023-11-19 03_06_46~2.jpg

See the reaction, we are totally surprised and worried to see another high increase in dollar price.

Grocery Shopping:

It had been a long, I have purchased vegetables from Grocery store. As my siblings are on a wedding hence I have to do this shopping by myself. It was tomatoes price that shocked me first.

2023-11-19 02_59_46~2.jpg

It looked like all market products are saying, "Don't buy us, we are not in your buying range"😂.

It is market strategy here, we request to owner of the shop for concessions. First the owner gazed at our pocket then he instructed like this.

2023-11-19 03_01_12~2.jpg

When I requested second time to make concession on tomatoes prices. The reaction of the owner was guarded. He was giving tough time to me.

2023-11-19 03_02_37~2.jpg

Request for Loan:

In above case to save my family, I decided to call my friend for help. My friends are so good that first they didn't like to take my call and if they received my call by any means, they pretend to be busy 😂. I needed 1K PKR/ to buy some grocery products for home because I don't want to return back with empty hands.

2023-11-19 03_05_39~2.jpg

This time, I got funny response when I requested my friend for loan.

2023-11-19 03_10_51~2.jpg

God knows, I have bad time and this time I already have taken loan and have not returned back to my friend yet 😂.

Government and Inflation:

Our Government look failed in controlling inflation. Everything is not in a good rang to be bought easily. People are really worried about inflation. It looked some government officials are involved in artificial inflation. They are drinking public blood.

2023-11-19 03_09_01~2.jpg

Drink Coffee to relax your mind:

I have habit to drink coffee whenever I 'm much worried. This inflation is worst, I checked my wallet to pay the coffee bill. My wallet was empty and I have to pray for someone who can pay my bill 😢. My coffee was on the table and my head was on my shoulder and helpless.

2023-11-19 03_12_32~2.jpg

Never Ending Dreams:

In this high inflation, some dreams are still dreams. They are never ending for me. I have a dream to buy a Camera year ago. This dream is same with no change but the year moved forward 😂.

2023-11-19 03_14_18~2.jpg


In Pakistan, it is hard to spend life nowadays. Inflation is big problem. To earn money is difficult and what you earn is not enough to support your family. In this regard, I 'm happy to express my feelings in the above memes.

This is my entry for Creative-Sunday, I hope you enjoyed it. Thanks!


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After reading the inflation part it made me remember one funny thing. the thing is " Pakistan itna developed ho gaya jo koi be technology ke bina har chiz asman cu raha he🤣🤣". Fact price hike.

What have you done when you didn't have coffee bills?

This one is the best. I can understand it 🤣🤣🤣🤣. !LOL

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It is the same as you mentioned. Pakistan has developed to take prices high and high, I hope things will be better for us soon. I hope the inflation rate is not high in Bangladesh, thanks!


Hahaha, oh my goodness 🤭
These are funny memes and they made my day already..nice creativity mate


Thank you nkem, today I 'm also feeling funny but I 'm happy 😁.