Daily posting


A few days ago I managed to complete the 30 days posting challenge created by the ctp community. At times it was definitely ... challenging ( duh ), especially when I was away for the weekend and I had to prepare posts in advance and schedule them for release. The challenge is ongoing until the end of November and also has some nice prizes, but given the number of people that have already completed it I won't dwell on the thought of winning anything. Instead I'll savor the fact I wasn't a failure for once in my life and got the job done all the way to the end :)

I intend of keeping the daily memes and posts going although I am feeling a bit of mental fatigue ( the two brain cells might need another vacation soon). On the other hand I don't want to miss anything exciting happening in the crypto world and on Hive so I am trying to power through the lack of creativity and hope nobody notices it :P