Remembering the good old days on Hive - Pepperidge Farm Remembers meme contest


It's been a very long time since I took part in a meme contest so in the memory of the "good ol' days" I decided to jump on @memehive's contest and score my self a few Hive and also some MEME tokens because how could I call myself a serious shitposter and meme enjoyer without an equally serious stash of MEME coins?

Speaking of nostalgia and stuff, the meme contest is focused on the Pepperidge Farm Remembers template which I don't remember ( pun intended ) ever using before, partly because I don't consider it very funny and partly because the template is like 10 years old which in meme years is older than a medieval joke. I like to emphasize (hopefully without sounding like a broken record ) that I try my best to keep things fresh with up and coming meme templates or more obscure ones that have a higher chance of getting those lol-ing muscles going. Gotta keep in shape somehow you know.

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The whole gist of the Pepperidge Farm Remembers template is the old creepy dude remembers crap about you in a creepy way and also tries to peddle his shitty cookies or something. You can find out more here if you're a weirdo like me and like to understand all the ins and outs of the template so that I can go all meta on it or do something original and subvert your meme-expectations.

Regarding the memes themselves, I though I could give them a Hive nostalgia kind of a theme, while also subtly hinting that the " good times" back then were not better than the point we are now in Hive's current development. Which is always a good feeling, that the platform you have sank a lot of time in is evolving and getting better constantly, with the the added bonus of some of those improvements being reflected in the price, instead of Hive scraping the bottom like it used to do. Enough rambling, let's get into it:

Pepperidge Farm Remembers crypto stuff about Hive one.jpg

I had to poke fun at an old unresolved ( at least in my opinion ) problem that has plagued Hive and it's predecessor since the begging: the few new people that sign up tend to not stick around for long. Of course there are exceptions but not many are willing to put in the effort to use Hive consistently and that's not healthy for any social media platform. Sure, Hive is much more than just social media but wouldn't it be nice to be hugely successful on that front as well instead of just flying under the radar ?

Pepperidge Farm Remembers crypto stuff about Hive  two.jpg

I try to meme on old Justin Sun from time to time, partly because he's a giant shithole for trying to screw over thousands of people and partly because he makes a good meme punching bag. I mean what better way to immortalize the giant evil that made Hive possible than thorough memes :)

Pepperidge Farm Remembers crypto stuff about Hive three.jpg

I'm still amazed Hive is hovering around the 50 cents mark in a bear market, because it proves how far along this blockchain has come. Sure, the purists like to ignore the price action, but this is crypto we're talking about: price action matter otherwise we would all be letting Musky boy and Alien Face steal our data on their crap platforms.

Using the same template is a bit repetitive but I hope the trip down Hive memory lane was at least a bit entertaining. Stay tuned for more shenanigans :)

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