Croc With Knife Ticker: Stab on the Cronos Blockchain is doing a second airdrop of 1 million tokens.

To all of my friends and followers on @someeofficial, @MemeHive, @pepetoken, @cent, and @pob.

The only requirements to get the 1 million croc with knife airdrop are to follow the croc with knife Twitter account, like, and repost the following Tweet >

This project is one of the few serious projects that burned 100% of their LP, making it impossible to rug and renounced contract ownership, meaning that no one has control of the contract, making it decentralized by giving the individual (holder) control of his/her own finances. This also gives everyone peace of mind that the team won't change the contract to suit their own needs.

These stealth launches give the little guy an opportunity to buy a big chunk of the supply with only 20 dollars. This gives the little person an opportunity he/she is never given to potentially become extremely rich without the need in putting their life's savings. So take advantage of stealth launches. At a 9K market cap, croc with knife can make an individual that buys ten dollars worth of it life changing money if he holds long enough.. However, not all stealth launches now! As most stealth launches are scams. Take advantage of the ones that have burned 100% of their liquidity and have renounced their contract ownership. These are the serious long-term projects.

Discard any project that locks their liquidty two weeks to 3 months. None of those projects are serious, and 99.9% of them intend to rug after the token unlock. Trust me, it has happened to me already, and i will make sure it never happens again.