Most embarrasing losses yesterday.

Bengals 3 Browns 24

Although some people are calling this an upset because the Browns beat the Bengals. I wouldn't call this an upset. In fact, i am not at all surprised that the Browns beat the Bengals as the Bengals always have a hard time with the Browns. The Browns beating the Bengals is no surprise. What truly is surprising is that they blew out the Bengals and held Joe Borrow to only 82 yards passing.

Lions 21 Chiefs 20

They are calling this an upset but i am unconvinced it is. The Lions ended the season really strong last year coming back from an 0-5 start to end the season with a winning record. The Chiefs in my opinion were over performers last season, and i if the Bengals wouldn't have committed all of the errors they did in that playoff game, the Chiefs wouldn't have made the Superbowl. Lions beating the Chiefs in arrowhead stadium does not surprise me at all.

Cowboys 40 Giants 0

I would have expected a much better football game here. Although for some reason, the Giants haven't been matching up well against the Cowboys for the past few years. I think they were swept by the Cowboys last season. These teams should be evenly matched as far as talent. Yet the Cowboys really have their number as of now.

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