Wolf Pack token on Cronos gets Jeeted.

Some meme projects get rugged by scammer devs and teams. But other projects get jeeted by the community. With Wolf Pack (WPK), i am convinced this is a case where the dev got Jeeted as the evidence is easy to see on the Blockchain.

Wolf Pack Dev burned LP. The number of tokens are found on this link > https://cronoscan.com/token/tokenholderchart/0x4758d4Aafc93000e2d6a38c0a19fB1C6809eA503

The big token holders dumped on this project that never hit a bigger market cap than 3K in its short history. This liquidation that took the market cap from 3k to as low as a 300 dollar market cap is the result of large wallet holders dumping and not the dev withdrawing liquidity tokens.. The dev has not sold any of his tokens which are 100K tokens out of a supply of 1 million tokens > source: Dev's Wallet on Cronos 0x6addf67ea41c10f06e7017a55b8a69cbea16f6c6

Teams and Devs rugging projects is not acceptable and crypto traders and token holders need to stop feeding this and encouraging other to feed this nonsense. Now on the flip side, a mob of large token holders in the community that abuse the team, dev and the community by collectively dumping on everyone is equally as bad as the Dev and Team that rugs..

The price of Wolf Pack sits at about a 700 dollars market cap..

If you desire to hold a huge amount of a startup project's tokens for very little cost coming from your pockets. This might be a very good bet for you as this can't really go any lower and there are people already taking advantage of this price drop considering the Dev is faultless, the project's brand is catchy which in turn may result in this memecoin becoming a huge success.

If you are interested in purchasing this project, you can purchase on VVS Finance Here > https://vvs.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0xB0ceEDa9351B8e6754637AF219f2087Fd073833E&inputCurrency=0x5C7F8A570d578ED84E63fdFA7b1eE72dEae1AE23

Their Telegram is > https://t.me/WolfPack_WPK

And their Twitter is > https://x.com/wolfpack_WPK?t=7OFKXUEk8ED5JVHMaJIY-w&s=09

Source: https://x.com/wolfpack_WPK?t=Rf999r5EACHJdFYSNmogcw&s=09