Your Favorite Character from Pop Culture isn't an SCP. But if it Were...

I came across this interesting series of videos on the Site-42: SCP Foundation Fanworks YouTube channel. The premise of the series is that things from pop culture and media aren't SCPs. If they were then how would the SCP Foundation contain them?

From scrolling down the videos it looks like the first proposed hypothetical SCP in the series is Siren Head posted over a year ago and the last posted video over seven months ago is for the Time Variance Authority. With the DMCA though it's hard to say for sure something is truly the first or last in a series of videos on YouTube.

The channel is still active but it has been months since a new video in that series has been added. I am not sure if the series has been abandoned or on hiatus. Based on the two Five Nights at Freddy's videos it seems other FNAF videos were planned.

My favorite video in the series is SCP containment of Muppets. SCP Foundation content is shared under a CC-BY-SA license so I can borrow that YouTube channel's idea and do my own posts of other things that aren't SCPs but propose how to contain them if they were SCPs.

Would anyone be interested in that?

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