SCP-001-J: You Know You Wanna Push that Big Red Shiny Button

April 1st is coming up later this week. Between now and then I will cover a few of the joke SCP items and some funny things in SCP Foundation lore.

To start this off is a shiny red button. This SCP-001-J was added to the SCP Foundation Wikidot on July 6, 2010 by user MalcolmMacLean.

This SCP item might be a reference to a Ren & Stimpy meme. In the discussions on the wiki entry I only see two replies mentioning Ren and Stimpy.

But can Dr. Stimpy resist the red, candy-like button?
-MatthewtheLucky October 29, 2014

Ren and Stimpy in my foundation? It's more likely then you think!
-pastarasta1 April 1, 2016

Even though this SCP-001-J isn't meant to be taken seriously since the SCP Foundation has no central canon in my interpretation the SCP-001-J button is somehow related to SCP-1739. Due to the nature of the multiverse at least one reality must have this SCP-001-J as a real item.