Axie funny moments : Draw / 1300 MMR


We are back for another episode of my funny moments, well its a good run for today with an epic draw also. Guys id like to remind about your axie, you need to follow the rules and also learn from your mentor or manager if ever he discuss you about how to avoid banning account in axie.


For today upload a video in Youtube it just an epic draw battle between high spd axie and gain type axie. So on the first round i used some veggie bite and october to sustain the plant and also 1 kotaro bite to gain energy on the round. And then he try to use 3 damage card so the next round he got 2 energy and my energy got 1 so i have 3 enrgy on the next round. So on the next round he use star shuriken and 1 tail slap and 1 damage card so on the next turn he got 3 energy. So i takedown the frontline already 1 card in beast, 2 cards on reptile and 1 damage card on my plant. So on the next rounf i have 2 energy i think i need to or sacrifice on the next round. So on the next round he kill my plant and he use 2 veggie bite so he steal 2 energy from me well its not good round for me. So on the next round i used to sustain using sticky goo and kotaro bite. But he use 2 card on aqua 1 prickly trap on plant but he got a critical hit. On the next round he got same 3 energy well its a good trade. Then the next round is he use 1 card on aqua then 1 prickly trap if ever im still alive. So i used combo card on the ny beast to takedown the plant.

Then its 1 v 1 fight thats why i need to sustain my beast every round to gain energy. So i used 1 aqua stock then he use 2 veggie bite 1 carrot to gain energy. Then on the next round he 1 carrot hammer and 2 prickly trap to takedown my beast. So i have 3 energy so i decide to take a risk using 3 cards but i got a critical hit and triggered the last stand but he use 2 carrot hammer and he got critical hit on the last hit so draw the game its a epic battle also.


So i earn 150 slp today not bad today standing 12w-7l-1d well right its good i hope tomorrow its good run again i hope you enjoy to see my content and also my video see yah in next blog guys.

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