Axie funny moments : Kotaro bite can save the game / 1300 MMR


We are back for another video btw guys for this day its a good to run in arena i got 12 wins already. So many ppl got banned in axie infinity so we need to follow the rules, mostly if you have scholarship by a manager.


So today i uploaded a video in youtube. This video how to counter high spd axie like aqua and bird, on the first round guys i used 1 gain energy and 1 steal if ever he use some veggie bite and. My prediction is good that round he use veggie bite and 1 october treat he got 154 shield already on that round i dont to burst on the first round. So on the second round he use some tail slap + shuriken on the plant he used 2 prickly trap. So i skip a round for that im waiting to throw a carrot hammer. So on the next roubd i sacrifice my plant for that i got my predictions he use 2 carrot hammer so the remaining energy is 1 and got 3 enrgy on the next round.

On the next round he try to used october so remaining energy is 2 but i takedown the plant to use my kotaro for the next round. Then he skip already for the next round he knows i used 2 mysthic rush on that. So i takedown the aqua with a critical strike and i gain 1 energy for the next round. So i dont have stickgoo so i need to sustain my reptile using kotaro bite and nethertoxin. He use 4 cards already. On the last round i used 4 cards on my beast using 2 sinister and aqua stock if ever he last stand on the next round on the aqua he got 1 bar if triggered the last stand. I takedown the aqua that's why i win on that battle.


So today i earn 160 slp not bad today i hope to up my mmr to 1400 this week, its a good for me today. Maraming salamat, this is my favorite community i published a content also i earn a crypto to help ppl in the Philippines mostly on the poor community with no work because of pandemic, btw guys i need to grind in axie, see yah in next blog.

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