Axie funny moments : Only "Aqua Stock" can save you / 1350 MMR


What's up we are back for another episode of my funny moments in axie infinity, so today i got intense game in arena got a 60% winrate using 20 energy i mean 12-8 score well its good run also. So many are op in 1300 to 1400 mmr so you need to learn strategies and techniques in energy and cards.


So i upload a video on Youtube, i have good opponent tbh guys this is really insane reptile axie, The bulrwark with tail slap. So on the first round he use veggie bite and also star shuriken, to get 1 energy so on the next round he got 4 energy and i have 5 energy on the next round. So on the next round i skip again but my opponent he use 2 aqua cards so my plant is really danger on the next round. On the next round i used october treat and veggie to sustain the damage and also to steal a energy if ever. So he use tail slap and sugar rush to takedown my plant but he failed also he use carrot hammer to gain but he failed only i used is my plant i dont like to use a combo card on that. So on the next round he use 1 damage card to takedown my plant, my plant is to sacrifice that coz i want to takedown the plant and slow the midlane. So his plant is dead now so i want to sustain my reptile for the next round. So i use sinister and 1 nutcraker on my beast i used sticky goo and 1 kotaro bite if ever he still alive or triggered the last stand. So on the nezt round i used sticky goo again and kotaro bite to sustain abd gain an energy for the next round. So he use 4 cards with a tail slap. Its really hurts on that round but my reptile is still alive for the next round. But i dont i have any cards on my reptile so i decided to sacrifice on that and i think its a 1v1 match between reptile and beast. So he use 2 bulwark 1 tail slap and 1 sugar rush on the next round but i gain energy using 2 aqua stock and 2 nutcracker so im still alive. So on the last round 4 cards with a tail slap after the combo only 1 hp is left idk what happen but its good chance to takedown his aqua on the last round.


So i earn 160 slp today with a good run and also i have learn in my Opponents about pocky type and anttenna type in bug so many ppl using that now also a discard type. So that's it for today i hope you enjoy my video today see yah in next blog.

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