Axie funny moments : The intense battle with 1 HP / 1300 MMR


We are back guys for another episode of my funny moments in axie infinity, well its good run for today 12 - 8 using chopsuey axie. I hope i can buy a bulwark type axie or termi this december. So. Any online right now battle in arena and daily adventure also.


So today i upload a video on Youtube, well this is my very intense game for me today. So on the first round i used 3 cards on my beast using nutcraker and 1 sinister and then my opponent he use 1 prickly trap 1 carrot hammet and then 1 upstream in aqua. Well its a good for me on the first round. So he have 3 energy in next round so i need to skip, but he skip also on. The next to sacrifice his plant also but this also good to me then on the next round i use combo card on beast and 2 nethertoxin on my reptile to sustain the damage. Then on that round he use 2 tails slap and 2 lifesteal to sustain his amino but my plant triggered the last stand so im so lucky to get last on that round. He got some error on that and also my axie takedown his plant for the next round its 2 v 2 battle.

Then on the next round he use some kind of heal to sustain again his amino vergy hard but im not giving up so i use 2 mysthic rush 1 kotaro bite to gain energy and 1 stick goo to sustain. On that round he use also swift escape to up the spd to his axie, but go a stun on that. On the nexr round i used sticky goo only to check if ever he try to takedown my reptile using amino. Then on the next round he use 2 cards on amino and 2 card using shuriken on pure aqua and he got a critical hit also, on that round i takedown the amino using 4 cards. Then on the next round i used to sustain type so i decide to draw 2 aqua stock and 2 nutcraker. He didnt know i got a 2 stocks of aqua stocks cards. Then on the last round im using 4 cards using nutcracker and sinister to takedown the aqua, on that fight he use 2 star shuriken to takedown my beast so i got lucky only hp left is 1 on last round, thats why i win on that battle.


So today i earn 160 slp well its good for todsy i hope i can up to 1400 or 1500 mmr by december. I hope you learn somthing more about skills in axie. See yah in next blog.

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