Axie infinity funny moments : The lucky Beast / 1300 MMR (GAMEPLAY)

So we are back for another compilation of my axie funny moments, so today i got a good run 12 - 8 in arena using 20 energy i think its a best run for this week,


i want to share this video guys, i win on that battle but his beast got critical strike that's why im lose. Im laughing so hard because i win on that battle but he got a lucky.


On the first round he use carrot hammer and veggie to gain energy but he steal 1 energy on the first round, using veggie bite, but on the first round coz i need energy, so on the next round we have 4 energy same to my opponent.

So on the second round i use 2 disguise and 1 october treat to sustain the damage and also to gain some energy, so he try to use 1 ronin and 1 ivory 1 nutcraker card for to takefown my plant and gain my energy but he failed already on that. But i have 5 energy and my opponent got 4 energy for the next round.

So on the third round he use 2 cards on aqua to takedown my plant, i think its a good to sacrifice on that round. Well its a good trade on that i takedown his plant also. Then i gain 1 energy using kotaro bite because his aqua already open a midlane match.


So i have error on the fourth i didnt use sticky goo that's why my reptile is already dead, i predict he use 3 cards on that round that's why i use nethertoxin and kotaro bite. But i gain 1 energy on that round using kotaro bite before my reptile he died.

So on the fifth round i use 2 cards on my beast to takedown his aqua, but he 2 cards on that round, but on the last round i win on that battle but he got a critical strike that's why i lose already.


Today i earn 150 slp its not bad for today and also i think its a good run for me, i want to back in 1400 but its really hard right using my chops. Its not easy to win right now coz so many nerf axie and buffed also in 1200 to 1300 mmr. Its really right its a pocky type or a bug with a discard card. That's it for today, i hope the slp is up for december.

#PlayToEarn #oneup #axiememes