dare i type again....at risk of mute-tations

Long time no type....at least not here.
Here is a thought you might want to consider.

But consider that the system they try this all on is built on what they have provided. Bite the hand that slaps, feeds, cuckolds, bleeds, clothed, restrains, frees, helps you and let you act according to their will and decree.
No they wont let you be.....

show to me all the lives you have lived that has created all that there is and then you can say that something used here is not used like everyone uses those that came before them, never sighting their words nor efforts that may have come to nothing but, for one ouch of humanity dripped into the cogs to grease the wheel that eventually another came along and was able to crack because of all those that broke their back bring us all to where we are all now stand, so do not bring copyright bull works of words you have not invented yourself, a long roads you paved yourself to get to my door to tell me about something was copied from somewhere else, yes i know; everything presented above is a copy of a copy trillions of times over and over, i claim no right to any of it anyways - i am merely the vessel it spill out of.


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