India-Bangladesh face again in the Under-19 World Cup, the youth training on the beach!

While the BPL is on the ground in Bangladesh, the youngsters of Bangladesh cricket's under-19 team are busy defending their World Cup title. Richard Stonia, a fitness coach with Bangladeshi youth on an island, got down like this. Did you know that it is better for his disciples to be initiated? After doing various things, Bangladesh Samudra begins to get back the luxury of peace of mind. Rakibul Mollah could not take 97 runs Yeast

In the next two matches of Bangladesh Juba League, Bangladesh won the toss and elected to bat first. They beat Canada by 134 runs. Bangladesh won by 8 wickets with 22 wickets in hand. Ripon Mandal Tanzim Shakib Ashiquzzaman saw the form of 148 runs in the batting and bowling frenzy of Bangladesh youths against UAE in the batting and bowling frenzy. Bangladesh won two matches in a row and advanced to the quarter finals. However, India did not give up to be an opponent in the 310a quarter finals. Wearing two matches miserably Win

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We have to admit that Bangladesh has another opportunity to avenge that regret in front of Akbar Shakib of Bangladesh