MEME:LOLZ Liquidity Pool Weekly Update (05/18/2022)


This is the weekly report for the MEME:LOLZ distribution pool (

@memehive added 50,000 MEME to the MEME:LOLZ distribution pool today.

Remember: There is an hourly lottery for MEME:LOLZ liquidity providers. Each hour the mining contract mints 500 new MEME tokens and sends them all to that round's winner. Each share in the MEME:LOLZ pool is like a lottery ticket. The more shares in the pool you have the greater the chance of winning in any given round.

LOLZ and MEME can be purchased through or earned through content creation and curation on the Hive platform (

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Current statistics of MEME:LOLZ at the time of this writing:

Average APR: 13.498%

Price of tokens in MEME:LOLZ pool

  • MEME: $0.00019
  • LOLZ: $0.03369

0.00563889 LOLZ/MEME
0.04572301 MEME/LOLZ

Total pool liquidity

  • 436,315.448 MEME
  • 2,460.337 LOLZ

$158.475 (up from $131.285 last week)

MEME:LOLZ pool volume

  • 130,863.225 MEME
  • 759.155 LOLZ

$48.084 (up from $37.769 last week)

Distribution balances of all tokens in the MEME:LOLZ pool

  • 397222.495 MEME
  • 2088.445 LOLZ
  • 98.969 HIQS
  • 51909.334 PAY
  • 20690.474 NFTM


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