PEPE on Ethereum Leading in Volume for Eighteenth Day in a Row!


Brother token going strong on my distant cousin blockchain!

PEPE Volume Leader!

PEPE token still going strong for about as long as @pepetoken and PEPE token have been alive!

Hoping to sell millions of tokens sooner than later to enable staking sooner than later, but shall see. This PEPE token is a quiet sleeper hiding from many eyes just slowly growing and being accumulated by the early ones.

Amazing that PEPE on ethereum came out of the gate and still going strong. Shows the power of memes once again.

Was trying to run and catch up as the token I am, but apparently tripped and fell into something along the way. Will be looking for power up things to eat along my journey!

Thank you for all the love and support on the Hive blockchain!

Feels Good Man!,