Extension of the HiveFest Photo Contest!


I was excited to watch the live stream of HiveFest again and again this weekend.
Tightly timed, valuable information in a very appealing environment, I would have liked that too. Unfortunately it didn't work out for me, but at least I or rather the GmbH is in the HIQ Magazine of the HiveFest!

Funny HiveFest Photo Contest extended to run for one week!

It was suggested to me that the contest has a short duration and would therefore be better extended. That's exactly what we are doing now, to be more precise, the contest will run until Thursday 22.09.2022 at midnight.

It is understandable that the participants of the HiveFest hardly find time to write their own posts during the Hivefest, not to mention taking part in contests. Many will also only take a closer look at the HIQ magazine after the event. So for everyone, whether you are at the Hivefest or not, you can still take part until Thursday!

I am attaching the original announcement post to this one, then you can also link your entry link under this updated post.

https://images.hive.blog/0x0/https://images.ecency.com/p/5s4dzRwnVbzGY5ssnCE4wXzkeAEXyVtgk1ApQTwHMTp6y5PvEo1yennC6rLFAugmVwVubHGNEnbv4po2jqz3P2SyZqGmwEwnukjKQmLiKXGnswwt2epoq38wkr4pBZC3CCU5qCi9LNP1woxgoWF9Vk5sTsTaWQ4XPMu6fgr.webp?format=webp&mode=fit source

Funny HiveFest Photo Contest - - Win 25 Hive - -

It's HiveFest and there's something to win! Especially the Holland Pilgrims deserve recognition and an "easy to enter" contest, but everyone else who didn't make it to Hivefest can enter too.

So what's it all about? This is how you win!

Take a photo of the HiveFest or with HiveFest background as in the example picture. BUT You have to be in it! a part of you! Your arm, a thumb, your knee, your nose, your shadow, whatever.

What are you doing with the picture?

You want to win so badly?

  • You increase your chances of winning by
    making a meme out of your picture.
  • You increase your chances of winning by
    making it funny.
  • You increase your chances of winning by
    using the tribe tags #meme #fun & #hive-engine.
  • You increase your chances of winning by
    linking your post here in the comments.

How do you make a quick and easy meme?

Right here: https://imgflip.com/memegenerator or in any graphics editor.

Until when can you submit your photo?

Deadline for participation is Sunday 18/09/2022 midnight.

Extended until Thursday 22.09.2022 at midnight


The most important! What can you win?

  • 1 Prize: 10 Hive + 1200 Meme Token + 50 Fun Token + 1 HIQ Token
  • 2 Price: 3 Hive + 800 Meme Token + 25 Fun Token
  • 3 Prize: 2 Hive + 500 Meme Token
  • 4 - 10 Prize: 1 HSBI each

All participants will of course be supported by me with votes!
@blue.rabbit has also agreed to support the contest with votes, so don't forget to add tribe tags!

The GmbH Community in the first print edition of HIQ!

In fact, we really ended up in it through many coincidences. It was a rocky road for the GmbH as well as for HIQ itself. @blue.rabbit deserves special thanks here, as without him the specifications of the print shop would have been very difficult to realise.
Of course we would also like to thank @hiq, especially as the GmbH has blown up the corporate design of the HIQ print edition by a weird advertisement. !LOL

Funny HiveFest Photo Contest!

Gewinne im Wert von 25 Hive

Es ist HiveFest und es gibt was zu gewinnen! Besonders den Holland Pilgern gebührt Annerkennung und ein "easy to enter" Gewinnspiel, aber alle anderen die es nicht auf das HiveFest geschafft haben können auch mitmachen.

Um was geht es? So gewinnst DU!

Mache ein Foto vom HiveFest oder mit HiveFest Hintergrund wie im Beispiel-Bild. ABER Du musst drauf! d.h. ein Teil von dir! Dein Arm, ein Daumen, das Knie, deine Nase, dein Schatten, whatever.

Was machst du mit dem Bild?

Du willst unbedingt gewinnen?

  • Du vergrößerst deine Gewinnchancen indem
    du aus deinem Bild ein Meme machst.
  • Du vergrößerst deine Gewinnchancen indem
    es lustig ist.
  • Du vergrößerst deine Gewinnchancen indem
    du die Tribe-Tags #meme #fun & #hive-engine nutzt.
  • Du vergrößerst deine Gewinnchancen indem
    du deinen Post hier in den Kommentaren verlinkst.

Wie machst du schnell und einfach ein Meme?

Genau hier: https://imgflip.com/memegenerator oder in jedem Zeichenprogramm.

Bis wann hast du Zeit?

Letzter Termin zur Teilnahme ist Sonntag der 18.09.2022 24.00 Uhr

Verlängert bis Donnerstag 22.09.2022 24.00 Uhr!


Das wichtigste! Was gibt es zu gewinnen?

  • 1 Preis: 10 Hive + 1200 Meme Token + 50 Fun Token + 1 HIQ Token
  • 2 Preis: 3 Hive + 800 Meme Token + 25 Fun Token
  • 3 Preis: 2 Hive + 500 Meme Token
  • 4 - 10 Preis: jeweils 1 HSBI

Alle Teilnehmer werden von mir natürlich durch Votes unterstützt!
@blue.rabbit hat sich auch bereit erklärt den Contest mit Votes zu unterstützen, vergesst also nicht Tribe-tags zu setzen!

Die GmbH in der ersten Printausgabe der HIQ!

Tatsächlich sind wir durch viele Zufälle wirklich drin gelandet. Das war ein steiniger Weg für die GmbH genauso wie für die HIQ selbst. @blue.rabbit gebührt hier ein besonderer Dank, da ohne ihn die Vorgaben der Druckerei nur sehr schwer zu verwirklichen gewesen wären.
Der @hiq danken wir selbstverständlich auch, insbesondere da die GmbH das corporate Design der HIQ Printausgabe durch Eigenwilligkeit gesprengt hat. LOL


Nachdem es jetzt auch Englisch ist könnte ich @melinda010100

After this now also exists in English, maybe Ecency wants to support with some Ecency Points to include it also in the contests-awarding-points channel in e discord?

Is the meme contest in general planned to be always bilingual, including English, in the future?

I know @idksamad78699 is a great meme Fan!


Basically I am open-minded about languages and that's why this contest is also in English. Whereby it is an exception in the GmbH, further exceptions are possible.
Basically I believe that the GmbH Meme Contest will remain German, simply for the reason that there is no other German Meme Contest on the Chain. Meme contests in English, on the other hand, there are several.

contests-awarding-points channel in e discord

I don't know the subject (is there a post about it?), but the GmbH is registered for the Community Reward Program of ecency, so the Communty Acc. is collecting ecency points since a while to support the GmbH in due time.


Contest awarding points is just a channel in ecency discord where people can find contests.
Every Contest who gives also points can be added by admins. In theory also german contests, but there are not many german speaking people there.

Maybe next time you plan a contest also including English language, let me know before you start it :-)


Ha, ich habe in meinen Bildern doch fast das richtige Bild gefunden. Muss ich später mal was raus machen.

Ha, I have found almost the right picture in my pictures. I'll have to make something out of it later.