Watchtoearn Tuesday tomorrow 25th of October 2022! Earn Hive-engine tokens for watching Splinternews on twitch


Hello Gamers and NFT hodlers! Hello ONEUP, hello Cartel. Tomorrow is #watchtoearn Tuesday and we will have our new tokens added to the watch to earn program. You can earn real crypto on the HIVE engine by watching my stream on twitch. All you need is a HIVE account and a twitch account!
If you do not have HIVE account you can create one for free HERE


On Tuesday it is watch to earn time and as announced previously we will be adding new tokens to the treasury. Viewers of Splinternews on twitch can exchange their channel points to real hive-
engine crypto!

The full channel points menu looks quite amazing now! Remember you can always contribute to the #watchtoearn program by donating to @snvault

The floor price for claiming tokens is 420!

Look at the menu and see what tokens you can earn!


Al these HIVE or WAX tokens can be claimed by spending 420 channel points. IDK who came up with this number but they must be playing the @hashkings game since you can get 1 BUD and 1 MEME for 420!


We have integrated the GMfrens token by @l337m45732 first of all you need a WAX address for that! Second it is limited to a certain number per stream! Meaning you really gotte be one of the first few if you want to claim it! You can't say #gmfrens at night can you? Well actually you can! Mine this token on LEOTHREADS by using the tag! (You have to have your WAX address in your profile just as I do)

Full info about GM:FRENS: HERE


We have integrated the Splinterlands Battle Token created by @itzninjafool if you are not part of the SBT community you should have a look into that! The token is stakeable and you can earn more if you want to! Find out for yourself! Get posting in the community! Join the Discord!
Community link:


The tribe token of the #MEME outpost has been added to the Menu as well!
420 channel points and you will have your first MEME token!
The token can be STaked! And spent for creating your own MEME NFTs!
And you can earn it by using the #MEME tag

See You tomorrow on stream!

my twitch:

find out more about earning crypto on

Subscribers get 3x and a better chance at the land plot giveaway!

Anything you claim, if you are subscribed to my twitch: Thanks! You will get 3x the token amounts from the menu. Best price you can claim is 3000 DEC

Thank you for supporting me!

Thanks everyone for reading and we see each other in a few hours!