One of my best LIFE COMBO for lower medium MANA matches: anti magic, anti MELEE or RANGE; all in all

Hello, the beautiful people of Splinterverse. Hope all of you are doing well and enjoying the recently introduced WILD and MODERN format in Splinterlands. In the last three weeks, I have introduced some strategic ways to find the new cheaper cards which can be very useful from many perspectives in the game such as winning with more DEC, and more R-shares. These cheaper and alternating cards can be useful and amazing options for the substituting of many expensive cards with high renting values. And also for price appreciation in the future, these cards can be solid investments in this dumped market. I hope those discussions were very helpful for improving your Splinterlands experience.

From this week I will share some amazing COMBOs from a different splinter that can be used in many battles very effectively. Furthermore, these combos will be the cheapest ones that I am using in my own battles. Also, I will share these combos with various summoners and how these can be changed according to the rulesets. Today I will share one of my favorites
COMBO from the LIFE team for lower medium or medium MANA matches. This COMBO is very effective against the magic attacks, and also effective for the MELEE and RANGE attacks, very few COMBOS are so effective against all of three types of attacks. And one more important things, it doesn't mean that this is an indomitable team but there is always some super teams that can defeat any super team or make a DRAW. But my motto is to introduce some excellent COMBOS for the new players who are struggling in GOLD LEAGUE like me. And my team is preferred to the GOLD LEAGUE level where players can customize according to their own leagues.


My lower medium MANA COMBO is consists of FOUR CARDS FROM THE LIFE team. I will explain the reason for each card selection with their contribution here, And all of these are dependent on each other and combinedly they works pretty well in most of the cases.

My first card is a 2 MANA card PELACOR CONJURER which is a no attacking card but it has excellent speed with flying ability that can dodge a lot of MELEE and RANGE attacks. For magic attacks, it has the reflection ability which is amazing if we use a card with the AMPLIFY ability, then it can be destructive for the magic attacker itself. Also the price of the card is very low than any other cards.

Second card: DAX DRAGON
The second card in this COMBO is the DAX DRAGON which a 2 MAN EPIC from the life splinters team with the great ability of AMPLIFLY at the level 2 which is amazing for cost-effectiveness. Also in a higher level it can give another amazing ability of AFFLICTION. The increment of reflected magic to the attackers will be often devastating as very few magic attacker have very higher life in Splinterlands.

Third card: DJINN RENOVA
The third and the most effective card in the combo is the DJINN RENOVA which is a great card with a lot of health an significant number of magic attacks at gold league level. This card also offers the great ability of STRENGTHEN to increase one health of the each card and the amazing ability of TRIAGE that can heal any cards in the line up except the primary TANK. So it is very effective to keep alive the other cards in the line up.

The fourth card of this COMBO is the VENARY CRYSTALSMITH which will heal the TANK and remove all the positive effects from the enemy TANK. This card is very useful to heal the TANK at every round!

Combined COMBO
These four cards are amazing as the PELACOR CONJURER will dodge many MELEE and RANG attacks and Reflection ability will kill the magic attackers soon with the AMPLIFIED numbers with help of the DAX DRAGON. The VENARY CRYSTALSMITH will increase the health of the PELACOR CONJURER at every level while the DJINN RENOVA can heal the VENARY CRYSTALSMITH if it gets some damage by the enemy's SNEAK ATTACKERS.

Useful Cheap Summoners:

So, all of these cards with the gold league level will cost around 10-11 bucks an the summoners will cost 75-100 bucks. Personally I prefer the DRAGON summoner as it is cheap and I can combine it with any other teams effectively!

Modification of the COMBO

As the COMBO consists of 4 cards with the MANA cost of 15, So, this can be applied in to those matches starts from the MANA cost of 18.

Now, there is also the option for higher MANA matches, you can chosse two more cards according to the rest of MANA and also, the Primary tank can replaced with any higher MANA costs also by replacing the DAX DRAGON also.

Still the DJINN RENOVA and the VENRY CRYSTALSMITH can be a good part of this amazing COMBO. So, there is always some creative option to chose some others cards according to the rulesets like THORNES can be also amplified with the AMPLIFY ability. And there is the option to chose more two cards in the existing COMBO also.

Some of my battles

Look at the following battle I have skipped the DJINN RENOVA as the enemy was always playing with the MAGIC summoner at level 6. And I have own it very easily!

The full battle can be watched here

26 MANA match

Here, I have added more cards to cover all the MANA cost.

The full battle can be watched here

24 MANA match

The full battle can be watched here

19 MANA match

The full battle can be watched here

42 MANA match

The full battle can be watched from here

And, If you want to be a proud member of the Splinterlands community and enjoy the magical world of hundreds of monsters and strategies for your battle where you will have the opportunities of amazing battles with some extraordinary monsters with amazing abilities which will uplift your online gaming experience to a new level. You can enter into the Splinterverse through this link sign up to join splinterlands


Thank you so much for your time and attention.
I will catch you at the next.

All the images are prepared by me from the splinterlands resources.




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