Emotional Plague/ Pest - artifical/ mechanical thinking - english

Today I would like to give an insight into Wilhelm Reich's work.
Or at least try to.

Because he has, beside the profound occupation with depth psychology, life energy (orgone) and some other topics, also coined the term of the emotional plague/ pest or also artificial/ affect-disturbed thinking and therewith touched on a topic which interests me very much.

In my opinion, his insights can contribute greatly to direct problem solving.
Especially since they can help a lot in raising awareness of the causal problems!

Reich was a very good student of Freud, has been hunted by the Communists, Nazis and Americans, also been censored (with book burnings) by all of them, but nevertheless, as already mentioned, explored life energy/force (orgone) (and more), as well as brought life energy/force from the psychic-bodily into the "mechanistic, physical" world and science.

He had, of course, dealt a lot with people and psyches and he also noticed some thought patterns and tendencies/premises of these....

In my opinion, this work, along with his work regarding psychology, character armor, orgasm theory, and life energy/ orgone, is mostly lost.... is however more topical than ever.

At that time, according to him, 50-70% of the population was already affected.
And now after the Corona spectacle, and the rape of our already far too small group of children, this percentage will probably not have decreased.

The emotional plague is basically an old virus pandemic, which is not related to material gene viruses, but to mental meme viruses.
These can be triggered like a latent psychosis, discharge explosively or just resonate subtly, subliminally all the time...

It is characterized by neurotic thinking, character armor, self lying/denial/compensation, thus also dualism (through compensation) and nihilistic belief (today in materialistic science, which confirms people in living out their emotional plague).


His research has thus also very early worked out causal problems/ premises for today's materialistic science with its dead thinking by dead models (and in my opinion necrophilia)....
even if he worked it out less philosophically... but with founding real, materially usable tools... (another post in the future will be about those)

But it's best to read Reich's explanations. It's a bit longer, but really worth it, so here's an excerpt typed out and translated for you and immortalized on the blockchain:

from character analysis by Wilhelm Reich from 1933

The emotional plague

The term "emotional plague" is not a defamatory term. It does not refer to conscious malignancy, moral or biological degeneration, immorality, or the like.
An organism that has been permanently deprived of the ability to move naturally from birth develops artificial forms of locomotion. It limps or walks on crutches.
Likewise, a human being moves along in life by the means of emotional plague, if from birth the natural life expressions of self-regulation have been prevented to him.
The emotional plague sufferer limps in character.
The emotional plague is a chronic biopathy of the organism. It broke into human society with the first mass suppression of genital love life; it became an endemic disease that has plagued the earth's population for millennia.
It is not likely that the emotional plague will spread hereditarily from mother to child. It is, according to all we know, implanted in the child from the first days of life. It is an endemic disease, like schizophrenia or cancer, with the difference that it manifests itself essentially in social life.
Schizophrenia and cancer are biopathies which we may consider as the result of the raging of the emotional plague in social life.
The effects of the emotional plague are to be found in the organism as well as in the social life. The plague tends to periodically pass from the endemic to the epidemic state, just like any other plague, the bubonic plague or the cholera. The epidemic outbreaks of the emotional plague express themselves in comprehensive giant outbreaks of sadism and criminality of small and large scale. The Catholic Inquisition of the Middle Ages represented one such epidemic outbreak, the international fascism of the XX century another.

Unimportant how many history books are shown to Ernie by Bert. Ernie could not be convinced, that politicians never gave up power, which they once gave themselves through emergency laws..

If we did not consider the emotional plague as a disease in the strict sense of the word, we would be in danger of mobilizing the police stick against it instead of medicine and education. It is a characteristic of the plague that it makes the police truncheon necessary and thus reproduces itself. Despite the threat it poses to life, it will never be dealt with by the police truncheon. No one will feel offended by being called heart sick or nervous. No one can feel offended if he is said to be suffering from an "acute attack of plague." It has become customary in the circles of sexual economists to say of oneself, "There is nothing to be done with me today, for I am pestilent." Attacks of emotional pestilence, when they are of a mild nature, are dealt with in our circles by,
by isolating oneself and waiting for the fit of irrationalism to pass. In severe cases, where rational thought and friendly advice do not help, one cleans up vegetotherapeutically
vegetotherapy. One convinces oneself that such acute plague attacks are regularly caused by a disturbance of the love life and disappear when the disturbance is removed. The acute plague attack is such a familiar phenomenon to myself and to the members of the inner circle that we accept it calmly and cope with it objectively. One of the most important requirements of the training of vegetotherapists is that they learn to perceive acute attacks of plague in themselves in time, not to get involved in them.
not to get lost in them, not to let them cause damage in the social environment and to wait for them to subside by means of intellectual distancing.
In this way it is possible to minimize harmful effects in the cooperation. Of course, it occasionally happens that such a plague attack is not mastered and the person concerned causes greater or lesser damage or even drops out. We accept such accidents in a similar way as one accepts a serious physical illness or the passing away of a dear work companion.

Emotional plague is closer to character neurosis than, say, organic heart disease, but in the long run it can lead to cancer or heart disease. Like character neurosis, it is fed by secondary drives. It differs from physical defects in that it is a
function of character and as such is fiercely defended. The plague attack is not felt as alien to the ego and sick like a hysterical attack. If already the character neurotic behavior is
If the character neurotic behavior is usually brilliantly rationalized, this is true to a much higher degree for the emotional plague reaction: The disagreement is much greater. One will ask how we can recognize a pestreaction and distinguish it from a rational reaction. The answer is the same that applies to the distinction of a neurotic character reaction from a rational reaction: as soon as the roots or motives of the pestreaction are touched, fear or anger inevitably appears.
Let us now elaborate on this: An essentially plague-free, orgastically potent person does not develop fear but, on the contrary, lively interest when, for example, a physician discusses the dynamics of natural life processes. The emotional plague sufferer, on the other hand, will become agitated or enraged when the mechanisms of emotional plague are discussed. Not every orgastic
impotence leads to emotional plague, but every emotional plague sufferer is either permanently orgastically impotent or he becomes so shortly before the attack. By this the plague reaction can be easily distinguished from rational reactions. Further: A naturally healthy behavior cannot be disturbed or eliminated by any intervention of genuine healing art. There is, for example, no means of a rational nature to "cure", i.e. to disturb, a happy love relationship. But one can eliminate a neurotic symptom; likewise one recognizes a pestreaction by the fact that it is accessible to genuine character-analytical healing art and can be eliminated. One can, for example, cure greed for money,
a typical trait of emotional pestilence, but one cannot cure munificence. One can cure devious cunning, one cannot cure character openness. The emotional plague reaction is clinically comparable to impotence, which can be eliminated, i.e. cured. In contrast, genital potency is "incurable".
An essential feature of the emotional pestreaction is that the action and the reason for the action never coincide. The real motive is concealed, and an apparent motive is advanced to the action. In the naturally healthy character reaction, motive, action and aim coincide in an organic unity; nothing about it is veiled.
It is immediately comprehensible. For example: The healthy person has no other reason for his sexual acts than his natural need for love and as a goal its satisfaction. The
ascetic plague sufferer, on the other hand, justifies his sexual weakness secondarily with ethical demands. This justification has nothing to do with the attitude towards life. The life attitude of the life-denying asceticism is there before the justification. The healthy person will not want to force his way of life on anyone; but he will heal and help if he is asked for help and if he can afford it. On no account will a healthy person decree that all men "must be healthy."
In the first place, such a dictate would not be rational, for health cannot be commanded; in the second place, the healthy person has no urge at all to impose his attitude toward life on others, since his motives for leading his life are connected with his own and not with other people's ways of living.
The emotional plague sufferer now differs from the healthy person in that he directs his life demand not only to himself, but above all to his environment. Where the healthy person advises and helps, where he simply lives ahead of others with his experiences and leaves it up to them whether they want to take him as an example or not, the plague sufferer imposes his way of life on others by force. Plague sufferers do not tolerate views. The healthy person only feels joy when he hears about the motives of his
of his actions. The plague sufferer goes into a frenzy. The healthy one fights in a rational way sharply for the preservation of his way of life where different views of life disturb life and work.
way of life. The plague sufferer fights against other ways of life even where they do not touch him at all. The motive of his struggle is the provocation that other ways of life represent by their very existence. The energy that feeds the emotional pestreactions regularly comes from unsatisfiable lust hunger, no matter whether it is sadistic acts of war or defamation of friends. The pent-up sexual energy is common to the plague sufferer and all other biopathies. I will come to the differences immediately. The basic biopathic character of emotional plague is expressed in the fact that, like any other biopathy, it can be cured by establishing the natural capacity for love.

The tendency to emotional plague is general. There are not plague-free people here and plague sufferers there. Just as every human being has somewhere in the depth his tendency to cancer, schizophrenia and alcoholism, so everyone, even the healthiest and the most joyful in life, has within himself the tendency to irrational plague reactions.
The demarcation of emotional plague from the genital character structure is easier than its demarcation from the simple character neuroses. Emotional plague is indeed a character neurosis or biopathy in the strict sense of the word, but it is also more than that; and this more distinguishes it from biopathy and character neurosis: we may call emotional plague that human behavior which, on the basis of a biopathic character structure, organizes itself in interpersonal, that is, social relationships and in corresponding institutions
or typical effects. The sphere of action of emotional plague is as large as the sphere of character biopathy. That is, wherever there are character biopathies, there is also at least the possibility of a chronic effect or an acute epidemic outbreak of emotional plague. Let us quickly paraphrase some typical areas where the plague either rages chronically or is capable of expressing itself in acute episodes.

We will see at once that it is precisely the most important areas of life in which the plague is active: Mysticism in its destructive form; passive and active addiction to authority; moralism; biopathies of the vital nervous system; partisan politantism; family plague, which I have called "familitis"; sadistic methods of education, masochistic toleration of such methods of education, or criminal rebellion against them; Gossip and defamation; authoritarian bureaucratism; imperialist war ideology; anything that falls under the American term "racket"; criminal antisociality; pornography; money usury, racial hatred.

We see that the field of the emotional plague roughly coincides with the wide field of social evils, which were still fought by every social freedom movement. With some inaccuracy, one could equate the field of emotional plague with that of "political reaction" and perhaps even with the principle of politics in general. To be able to do this in a correct way, one must transfer the basic principle of all politics, namely addiction to power and overreaching, to the various areas of life where politics is not spoken of in the ordinary sense of the word. A mother, for instance, who used the methods of politics to alienate her child from her husband, would fall under this extended concept of political emotional plague; likewise a nerdy scientist, who does not make his way by factual achievements but
but by the methods of intrigue to a high social position which in no way corresponds to his achievements. We had already recognized earlier as the common biophysiological core of all forms of emotional plague the biological sexual congestion.
As far as our experience reaches, a genital character is incapable of using the methods of emotional plague. This forms a great disadvantage in a social life so largely dominated by institutions of emotional pestilence. Now there is a second common denominator of all forms of emotional pestilence: the loss of capacity for natural sexual gratification regularly leads to the development of secondary, especially sadistic, impulses.
This is a clinically well-founded and established fact.
We are not surprised, therefore, to find that the biopsychic energy which feeds the emotional pestreactions is regularly of the nature of the energy of the secondary impulses. In pronounced cases, the specifically human sadism is never absent. It is now understandable that truthfulness and straightness are such rare human traits of character; more that one regularly encounters amazement and admiration when these much-vaunted modes of conduct assert themselves
here or there. From the point of view of "cultural" ideals, one would expect that truthfulness and straightness would be everyday and self-evident attitudes. That they are not only not; that they are marveled at; that truthful and straight people are regarded as oddities, as somehow afflicted with a quirk; more, that being truthful and straight is so often connected with social life danger, cannot be explained in any way on the basis of the prevailing
cultural ideology, but only by means of the knowledge of the organized emotional plague.

Only in this way it can be understood that the driving forces of all strivings for freedom: Objectivity and truthfulness, have succumbed again and again in centuries of hardest efforts. Consequently, it cannot be assumed that any freedom movement has a chance to reach its goals if it does not sharply and clearly confront the organized emotional plague with truthfulness.

The unknowability of the emotional plague has been its surest protection. Consequently, it can be assumed that the exact investigation of its nature and its dynamics will tear down this protection; this will consequently be perceived by the carriers of the emotional plague as a deadly threat to their existence. This will inevitably become apparent from the reactions of the plague-bearers and plague-spreaders to the following factual explanations. We will see from the expected reactions exactly
those, from the others, who want to maintain their institutions, must and also can distinguish. For it has been shown time and again that the irrational nature of the emotional plague regularly reveals itself against its intention as soon as one gets to the bottom of it. This is understandable, since the emotional plague cannot react otherwise than irrationally. It is condemned to defeat, if it stands abruptly and clearly in the face of rational thinking and the natural feeling for life.
and the natural feeling for life. It gets automatically and with certainty into frenzy, if one describes the nature-given functions of the living objectively and truthfully. There is nothing it hates more than just this.


and from Christusmord by Wilhelm Reich from 1953:

To this day, this mystery has not been solved. Something in human society must prevent us from asking the right question to get the right answer. The nightmare of the futile search runs through the whole philosophy.
Something, working entirely in secret, is preventing the right question from being asked.
And something is at work at the same time, successfully diverting our attention from the carefully camouflaged approach to which our attention should actually be directed. The tool used by this well-camouflaged something to divert our attention from the decisive
The tool used by this well-camouflaged something to divert attention from the decisive riddle is the evasive attitude of people when it comes to living their lives. The hidden something is the emotional plague of man.


A super and simple example would be:
If you as a guy just sit in a cafe, a super interesting girl comes in - you immediately get the impulse of interest, but you don't approach her - instead of acting functionally and authentically, the programs start working, so the artificial thinking hooks in and asks a thousand questions, like:
What if she doesn't have time? Or already has a boyfriend? Or the situation becomes unpleasant? One doesn't dare at the moment? You can't just do that. What if she rejects you? Says you're crazy? Maybe she's waiting for her boyfriend? Besides, she was looking at you funny earlier. Etc. etc. is virtually endless.

Through which an enormous amount of LIFE ENERGY is wasted.... And for what?
Because while the guy is thinking, the girl is already gone.
Which leads to questions like:
What if you'd been faster? Would have... as well as self-accusations..

You can save yourself.
By following the natural impulse, one saves not only the artificial thinking before, but also after - because the situation has been resolved.
You got a no in the worst case, which, however, is also good. Explained this:

Life energy sounds esoteric... but is simply extremely valuable.
Especially if you have never thought about it before, have no idea about life energy management/budget/efficiency, and waste it all the time....
Valuable, not only for you, but also for meme/thought viruses.

Impulse suppression costs more energy, because suppression of impulse (with many artificial thoughts) before and after possible contact instead of just direct contact and resolution (in this case), which means that afterwards no more artificial "would have" etc. thoughts come...
(moreover polyvagal theory, Gopal).

(Which is why Reich also called it affect-disturbed/mechanistic thinking, since it just then already runs off felt like with a machine... and has nothing at all to do anymore with an impulsive/ lively existence from the innermost, deepest being of the human being - we feel it only no longer so, since we were conditioned so...
Difference: Normal and Natural!)

If one is then still aware that our brain/thinking consumes around 70% of the daily life energy... with stress or brooding even more....

Of course, direct doing/ acting out impulses is functional, authentic and low energy consumption.

While artificial thinking, with learned filters/concepts/mental programs/beliefs/views/abstractions/reductions/preferences, has high energy consumption.



Also very nicely to recognize in the current Corona situation:.
While you actually have the impulse to just march into the store (because you do not even think about it)
...then however see everywhere these posters and spacers and emergency signals and warnings without an end (that one almost gets stimulus overload) and nevertheless rather put on the mask... >;(


What can one do?

Let natural energy, so impulses, flow instead of blocking by ego/echo/mind/artificial thinking! - which is not easy and needs practice, because it immediately finds all possible reasons against the impulse....
Direct contact with people!
By honest sharing of Gopal!
and teaching and trying to connect people again alive, dynamically!
Just be aware of it all again and again!
And try to observe ones own thinking!
However also not getting frightened by seeing how often it runs artificially/mechanically..!^

But above all, do not let yourself be stressed or stress yourself! No matter why, when, where and in which situation.

For the artificial thinking is also always evaluation/judgment/interpretation very important.
With natural thinking, actions are mostly expectationlessness.

And artificial thinking seems SAFER to us, because we have learned as a small child only to think so...
and if we reproduced the program well, we were accepted and loved...
what a child needs absolutely.


So it seems safer to us, although it blocks the flow of life....

problematic psychopaths or flying monkeys immediately stand out and people become causally more aware of real problems by enlightenment and behavior inevitably becoming more and more conscious.

And above all, you can get your child out of school as quickly as possible, because the hidden curriculum will only "instill" obedience and artificial/ affective thinking...:

The first conscious personality split occurs in childhood - german text

And above all very highly recommended!: (sadly only in german.. don't know a similar deep one in english..)

While the child is denied from birth to be a full human being, whereby it is incomplete and must be educated by adults only to be integrated as a "human being". To be able to "integrate" "it" into the society, thus to be able to subjugate.... which is simply only an extremely good example for the emotional plague... if one only knows it and can therefore recognize it as it is!

And you also shouldn't get caught up....

Because why does the artificial thinking exist in the first place and what does the brain want to achieve by rhis intensive thinking?

The state of not "having to" think anymore! To be able to switch off and save energy!
Sounds paradoxical... but is so... Especially if you include security... and what I have discussed here today...!

What fascinates me above all is, how once again all areas... whether psychology or philosophy... through the most basic premises, thus also physics and biology, really everything comes together again.... :)

And how clearly it is reflected in the present time.

That's why it all goes much deeper than a superficial conspiracy theory.

But the filters sit so deep that most can't even notice them.
Or do people use triggers as a chance to realize that there is something undiscovered there, instead of compensating by getting upset, i.e. acting out protective mechanisms?.

And this is also what Reich meant already almost hundred years ago and Gopal means today concerning the direct contact by honest communicating/sharing. :)

And it is also about very profound questions and corresponding premises:
Where does the life come from? Was it always there? What is death? Does "dead" exist at all?
Are we thinking completely wrong?

Why does science concern itself only with the external? Can it even concern itself at all with the inside?

So questions which, as explained above in the quotation from Reich, emotional plague sufferers cannot bear..

It goes even further, science cannot determine / hold what we all want - because it just ignores the inside, or even has no access to it. How should one also know what others want? Without asking them?
Why not let them simply decide for themselves directly?


Does it therefore see everything as mechanical, processual, dead?

Gunnar Kaiser on technocracy: (also only in german :/)

Schauberger or Tesla, in addition to Reich, also dealt with these questions.
Or e.g. Goethe
and numerous others..

Exactly this topic has also already been thinked intensively about in ancient Vedic and Gnostic texts.... :)

And what makes me think more than anything else lately:
the malicious memviruses here are caught in the matter with and thus at the mercy of (even if slow) awareness and (since they are merely a distortion of the truth) thus destruction.

The post has unfortunately become very long. Even though I really tried to compress and shorten everything as much as possible! and my perfectionism is also not quite satisfied, I'm still happy that it is now finished and out there, because it was just lying around for an eternity half-finished..

Thanks for reading and your attention!

I hope I could show that these are really very interesting topics, about which it is worth to inform! :)

And if someone here asks: Huh? What is he babbling about?

Here is some more context :)

Where does life even come from?

I am alive!

On reductionism, science and the reversal of the burden of proof

insane neuroscience plus insane system = CORONA


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Puh, schon wieder so ein ellenlanges Teil, ich hab den vorigen noch gar nicht durch! Aber für die beim Überfliegen gesichteten Memes und Videos gibt's schon mal 👍🏼 und 👌🏼 und


Ich reblog das mal. Habs mal grob überflogen.
Schrecklich, offensichtlich bin ich ein mechanischer Typ.
Aber ich gelobe Besserung!


Wir haben das alle in uns.
Sich dem ganzen jedoch erstmal langsam bewusst zu werden ist nicht nur der erste, sondern auch wichtigste Schritt.

Aber einfach mega crazy, wie gut das ganze auf die aktuelle Corona Zeit passt..
Richtiger Ausbruch.


sehr interessantes Thema. !BEER

Auf dieses Zerdenken kommt seit Reich nochmal ein ganz neuer Haufen an Hemmung hinzu. "Reiche ich ihm/ihr jetzt die Hand?", "ohh Gott ich muss Husten, was soll ich tun?", "ist es sexistisch wenn ich zahle?" Wären die Menschen mal so reflektiert und woke wenns ums Investieren geht, dann wäre die Welt eine bessere


Du hast es erfasst.

Da tun sich Abgründe auf.. Die ich bewusst nicht angeschnitten habe, da ich den Post ansonsten komplett in der Länge gesprengt hätte.. ^^

Bin auch gar nicht zufrieden mit dem Post..

Find es einfach wichtig, wie bereits in dem Reich Zitat erklärt, den Leuten auch das Wissen bzw einfach erstmal die Bewusstwerdung der Situation zu ermöglichen.

Meiner Meinung nach würde eben allein dieses sich darüber bewusst-sein den Menschen extrem helfen, sich weniger Verarschen, Nötigen und in den Wahnsinn treiben zu lassen. :)

Danke dir für den Kommentar.


Deine Beispiele sagen mir mehr, als Wilhelm Reichs Text-Auszüge, dem aber die Ehre gebührt, dass man sie von seinen Schriften ableiten kann. Die inneren Fragen, die man in einer Situation in der Begegnung mit Menschen hat, ist in der Tat eine Plage des Gefühls/Gemüts.

Man kann es auch statt "mechanisches Reagieren", als einen "Verlust an Spontanität" nennen, was ja beides den Verlust des lebendigen momentanen Moments beschreibt. Die asiatische Philosophie bezeichnet das sich Bewegen im Lebendigen als "gekonnte Spontanität", im Englischen als "skillful spontaneity" ausgedrückt, im Chinesischen als "Wu-Wei".

Wo diese Kunst nicht als künstlerisch leichtes Agieren im Moment (was auch eine Nicht-Reaktion beschreibt und dadurch als "richtiges Reagieren") erkannt wird, erzeugt es eine Provokation zwischen den Akteuren. Der "Spontanist" ist dann der Provokateur, der dem anderen als Spiegelbild seiner Wünsche klar macht, dass er selbst nicht nach seinen spontanen Impulsen den Moment lebt.

Blöd ist nur, dass der Spontane, so er dem Kritisierenden auf den Leim geht, von seiner künstlerischen Moment-Lebendigkeit abgebracht werden kann und selbst in Zweifel gerät. Vertrauen ist wohl die beste Kur gegen diesen Zweifel. Wer spürt, dass er uneingeschränktes Vertrauen erfährt, wird vielleicht eher gewillt sein, es ebenfalls in eine Situation einzubringen.

Wenn ich mich in die Betrachtung einfüge, muss ich zugeben, dass mein Vertrauen in mich selbst und andere immer dann erschüttert wird, wenn ich nicht fähig bin, ohne diese Vorgedanken "was wäre wenn" den Raum der Begegnung zu betreten. In dem Moment, wo ich mir befehle "sei spontan!" ist es schon um mich geschehen, denn Spontanität kann nicht erzwungen werden.

Grüße an dich!


Reichs Auführung ist halt sehr theoretisch und wissenschaftlich..
Er hatte es auch wirklich nicht einfach zu seiner Zeit
Aber genau in diesem Zusammenhang finde ich die Texte extrem genial.. man denkt ja immer die Menschen wären heutzutage weiter..
Nein, ganz im Gegenteil. Wenn man wirklich hinschaut ist das ganze echte Wissen schon lange da..
Nur wird nicht verstanden.. denn auch wenn Reich es geschafft hat, diese komplexen Zusammenhänge in wissenschaftliche Sprache, welche auch von einem Laien verstanden werden könnte, zu bringen...
...sind wir heutzutage scheinbar so tief in der Teufelsspirale und abgetrennt vom All und uns selbst.. dass die Mehrheit es nicht verstehen kann(?)

Weil sie gar nicht zu den wichtigen Stellen vordringen kann? Sich eben von dem eigenen künstlichen Denken in Kombination mit dem Soma der Massenpropaganda, abschrecken lassen..

Ich selbst muss seine Texte auch immer mehrmals lesen. Genieße dies aber auch sehr. Ist sehr abwechslungsreich zu den heutigen oberflächlichen Texten.
Habe auch bisher nichts in der Wissenschaft gefunden, was nur ansatzweise an ihn ran kommt..
Im Vergleich könnte ich bei der aktuellen Wissenschaft nur Kotzen (was wahrscheinlich auch mit meiner Schultraumatisierung zusammenhängt)

Die Beispiele, sind eben wie Beispiele sehr praxisbezogen.

Woo Wei (wie ich es nenne :D) ist wirklich genial!
Aber eben noch schwerer in Worte zu fassen.

Das hat der Aether so an sich..^^
Und dementsprechend sehe ich immerhin trotzdem noch mehr Chancen die Massen über Reichs Arbeit zu erreichen.. als beispielsweise über Wu-Wei-Wu und Taoismus.. (wir sind eben auch keine Asiaten..)

mit den über 2000 Jahre alten Erkenntnisse der Gnostiker (heidnischen "Wisenschaftler", eher Methodiker) über Memviren/ Archonten braucht man gar nicht anfangen..
das funktioniert nur (wenn auch nur als Metapher) in einem lebendigen, animistischen Universum.. dafür sind die zu sehr in der Materie gefangen..

und genau dies wird auch durch die aktuell fanatische Fokussierung auf Genviren sehr humorvoll und offensichtlich vom Universum gespiegelt.. ^^

Ganz großen Dank für deine Aufmerksamkeit und den tollen Kommentar! :>
und sorry für meine Zerstreutheit

Wenn ich mich in die Betrachtung einfüge, muss ich zugeben, dass mein Vertrauen in mich selbst und andere immer dann erschüttert wird, wenn ich nicht fähig bin, ohne diese Vorgedanken "was wäre wenn" den Raum der Begegnung zu betreten. In dem Moment, wo ich mir befehle "sei spontan!" ist es schon um mich geschehen, denn Spontanität kann nicht erzwungen werden.

Das fühlt sich für mich wie eben eine Art mini-Meditation, bzw Bewusst-Werdung der Situation, und das Einstellen auf einen möglichen Ausbruch der emotionellen Pest, an.
In dem Sinne ist es eben kein künstliches Denken, so wie du es mir wahrscheinlich vermitteln wolltest, sondern ganz im Gegenteil eine Art Vorbereitung da man spürt, dass die Situation "brenzlig" werden könnte.
Das ist genau was Reich meint, als er davon spricht, dass das Wissen um die emotionelle Pest das beste Mittel gegen sie ist.
Was bei dir scheinbar bereits unbewusst und über das Wissen von anderen "Lehren" (welche sich aber mit dem Selben beschäftigen) geschieht. :)
Und ist somit kein künstliches Denken und vor-der-Situation-drücken, sondern ganz im Gegenteil ein Vorbereiten, darauf einstellen und sich stellen.

Und Zwang funktioniert eh nicht. Deswegen ist Reich auch gegen den Polizeiknüppel. Egal was die Pestkranken für faschistische Aktionen durchziehen.. Genauso ja auch beim Vergewaltiger..
Das hilft dem nicht. Es bestätigt ihn lediglich wieder in der Opfehaltung. Und spitzt zu, also veschlimmert noch die Pest. Auf allen Seiten.


Ich hab mal eine Frage, die vielleicht im discord beantwortet werden könnte: Kennst du einen Anwalt, außer denen, die durch mediale Präsenz keine Klienten mehr annehmen, die einen in der C. Sache vertreten oder weißt du aktuelle Netzwerke, wo man nachfragen kann? Ich bin so lange raus, dass meine Recherchen im Netz nichts ergeben haben. Ich frage für jemand anders. Mein accountname: erh.germany#0661 (den werde ich wohl hier im Kommentarbereich wieder löschen, nach ein paar Tagen.
Wäre dir sehr dankbar, wenn du dich meldest. Viele Grüße.