Entry #1 to the #memechallenge 346

Welcome everyone to this new edition of #MEMECHALLENGE #346, A new week brings new challenges, congratulations to @mais-tro, @mell79, and @gabrielrr17, for their excellent award-winning entries, who joined me on the podium.

We're off this week to enjoy the sea, let's see how I can make you smile. This is my first entry, enjoy.

I am sorry that there are users on HIVE who consider this type of publication to be too little work to merit a vote and are dedicated to downvoting. I invite all of them to participate so that they can see that it DOES have work.

Friend: @josegilberto, @lecumberre and @lauril, you are cordially invited to participate, if you are up for it, click here 👉Meme challenge #346.

Proposal of the call.

Thanks to @memess.curator, for your valuable visit and support, your suggestions will be taken into account.


  • Text credit for meme: CoolText
  • Design and assembly: PowerPoint Office Pro 2022