Locking up that Leo #LPUD


This is gonna be a quick one for today. I never participated in Leo jail day ... I mean Leo Power Up Day ( sounds like they become power rangers or something ) before but I figured it would be nice to do something with the pile of liquid Leo that I had laying around.

After reaching my 2000 Leo power goal sometime during last Spring, I decided to let my liquid Leo remain free instead of subjecting them to the torture of being locked up. But in the meantime I reached the decent sum ( for a pleb that is ) of 500 Leo so it was high time I ended their freeloading lifestyle and put them to work. Hope that powering up and then delegating to leo-voter still counts :P because I think they are better put to work there than in my lazy hands.

I won't be able to keep this level of Leo staking for upcoming month but as a one time deal I think it's still a decent plebeian effort.

There are also some perks to powering up Leo as evident in this post but I'm doing it for the street cred than anything else.

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