What is Our Main Objective Here on Hive?


We are just around the corner to announce the official launch of psyberx and this is really good for all Hive Blockchain players because they can simply get a lot of profit by buying NFT and start playing, we mean you can start playing by buying a NFT for as low as 5$ and you can also buy NFT on OpenSea and the psyberx marketplace, we are really excited that this is possible, we want to thank all the users that support our project because simply without you our project would not take the flight it has been taking so far, we have had many bad reviews and we want to show that we are totally responsible and committed people with Hive, another thing that I should mention is that we can invest in the tribaldex liquidity pools or any other pool that is much more comfortable for you.




What are our objectives?

Our objectives are simple, we want all our readers to be aware of all the news and to be nourished with good content, here we have brought information about very good short and long term investments and we have to take that into account. One of the best investments we have had is the content curation account @psyberx that from my point of view offers the investor a much higher APR% than any other investment system similar to the one we have been offering.

We will also be announcing the opening of the @psyberx marketplace so that all those users can make their purchases and start entertaining themselves while earning extra cryptocurrencies. We have really worked hard for this and will continue to do so. The psyberx graphics are something really amazing and I'm sure you will enjoy playing it, it's like playing FreeFire but here you can earn cryptocurrencies, who knows? Maybe someday we will beat FreeFire.


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Onboarding while on vacation, sure why not, I wear this hat everywhere

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This is my daily stop in discord chat as I harrass the development team

little meme of me bullying our Hive Developers building Psyber-Decks... guess I am the bully after all!

Thats it, the rest is for Psyber-X SEO & Informational Purposes yet contains great information if you want to learn more about Psyber-X & the other games.

All About Psyber-X

Psyber-X is a play to earn first person shooter NFT blockchain game.

Phase 1

Royal Reptile Studios is building Psyber-X to launch initially as a 10 versus 10 brawler where players will battle it out for Level (LVL) token and bragging rights. It is a switchable first and third person shooter game built on Unreal Engine 5.

Phase 2

Once the game is launched into closed beta, the next phase of development begins, the land 'between' the brawls - the PsyberVerse. With a myriad of mini-games and activities planned to give all of PsyberX NFTs, and those of our partners, deep utility within an expanding ecosystem and player driven economy, while continuing to develop the different FPS game environments available across the map

Future Phases and Updates

We will integrate lands and partnership advertising through them, this includes the possibility to 'broadcast into' the live PvP matches.


Each Psybercrate holds 5 NFTs. You can buy them at http://www.psyberxmarket.com where you can connect your Hive wallet and pick up the latest and greatest NFTs. Purchasing of crates with LVL Hive or HBD now. 2 Crates purchased grants early access for Psyber-Decks & Psyber-Towers testing.

Psybercrate Accessibility

The current Psybercrates have a limit. There are only 100K crates. That may sound like a lot; however, nearly 10,000 crates have already been distributed/purchased. That leaves approx. 90,000 crates to go. This is the first wave of NFTs developed by Psyber-X. Just like games similar to Magic the Gathering(c), Psyber-Decks will allow variety for your NFT holdings. When MTG first came out, the first cards (called Alphas) became very valuable later on. Who knows if the same will happen with Psyber-X NFTs

Psyber-X NFT Utility

Psyber-Decks is going to be the first mini-game provided by these side developers (Psyber-Decks is not developed by the Psyber-X crew, but we're providing the information they need to be able to incorporate our NFTs). They've already let us know that there are several other games they're building at the same time based on gaming formats we all love, like tower defense, top-down shooters, and of course Psyber-Decks which is a turn-based strategy game. Therefore...if you own NFTs from Psyber-X, you'll be able to play all Royal Reptile games. With that also comes the ability to rent your NFTs to others who will play.

Renting NFTs/"Scholarships"

Similar to other games on the Hive blockchain, once Psyber-Decks is up and running, you will be able to rent out the NFTs you own to others. I also know several people who have told me they're buying crates to partner with others who will play on their behalf. If you're not familiar with this, the way it works is one person owns a set of NFTs. We'll pretend it's 25. They find someone who is really good at strategy games. The two join into a partnership where one plays using the other's NFTs and they split the reward based on a percentage they both agree upon. This way, someone who does not have the funds to buy an NFT can connect with someone who does and voila! a partnership is made and both are satisfied. Did someone mention risk?

Risk Based Games

First, let's discuss risk...In risk-based games, you ante up something with the chance of earning something in return based on your skills or based on chance. Psyber-Decks is a game based on how strong your NFTs are vs your opponent's and how skillful you are at challenging their attacks and defenses. Will bots be able to play? Yes they will. But just like anything, they'll have to be programmed first, and if you have better NFTs than the bots, then the bots lose and you take the winner's plunder. So your ability to win is not set in stone just because a bot is playing. You still have to use a strategy to beat your opponent.

Notable Posts


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Financial Links

Buying Level 1 (LVL)


Hive Engine

Buying NFTs

Psyber-X Marketplace

Myria Passes

Silver Pass
Gold Pass


Psyber-Decks is a mini-game being developed to use Psyber-X NFTs. If you'd like to be able to play the game before anyone else, you simply need to buy 2 Psybercrates at Psyberxmarket.com for the Alpha testing access.

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Dynamicrypto Read.Cash


I’ve been buying lvl since I do not have time to game anymore right now. Should I just keep buying lvl to invest in the game and what are the benefits.


I buy due to the price being where it is, advantage is being early... another is the governance token airdrop going to all LVL holders 1 to 1 when it launches after the game releases as well as it being the in game currency for 4 games and has 500 mill total max supply. I don't recommend anyone invest until we have a game playable


I wish you to reach all yours goals!




This is gonna be some cool dope dramatic excellent shit, man you kept me waiting for so long it better be good😇. Really fuckn stoked for this Psyberverse !PIZZA




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