I powered up my hive account again.

Hi everyone,

Today I am enjoying Sunday. I am free and feeling free to spend some time here. It was a very busy week for me as we have lots of work in our office. We successfuly performed all the tasks and got a spare day for me. Despite of my busy schedule, I managed to powerup my account on the day first of the month.

I am powering up my account every month as it is increasing my wealth and I am being able to get more and more as curation rewards. Also, staking gives me interest on my locked up tokens which is more than interest received from a bank account. Only one thing is negative in crypto investment and that is the uncertainty. But, as it is said 'no risk, no gain', we can't escape from taking risk. This is the part of life. We must accept it. So, don't hesitate to invest on cryptos. But, also make sure not to put all of your eggs in a single basket.

With love from @erica005.