MemeHive and Resistance Meme projects on Ton Chain

I am not sure if any of you have noticed. But our MemeHive, despite being under the radar, has been going up as the excitement for meme projects grows.

I believe this is a very good time to present this opportunity to those on Twitter and, even more importantly, to the Ton Meme Resistance Communities who are financing projects to fight censorship.

We, here at MemeHive, can give such individuals a platform. Ton is the Telegram blockchain. A MemeHive collaboration with Telegram in the future would be amazing for this platform and for the resistance communities.

MemeHive and Resisatnce projects such as Resistance Dog Ticker: Redo, Resistance Girl, Ticker: REGI, Resistance Duck Ticker: REDU and Baby Resistance Dog Ticker: BREDO are all projects fighting against the Government and the projects are moving up heavily. All of them have burned their liquidity tokens, making them unruggable projects. All of them have also renounced ownership, making them strictly community owned projects.

Here is how you can find these fighters on Ton.

  1. Resistance Dog >

  2. Resistance Duck >

  3. Resistance Girl >

  4. Baby Resistance Dog >

If we can get the resistance movement and eventually the crowds to migrate from web 2.0 to web 3.0, where individuals are no longer the product of the socialist syndicates such as Twitter, Instagram, Reddit and Facebook. We can move people even sooner in the right direction.

This move is not as difficult as many make it seem. Your account on Hive belongs to you. Your content is yours, and it is monetized. Hive does not sell your content and information for a profit like Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, and Instagram do. What these centralized social media platforms are doing is called theft. And we are the only ones who can put an end to this by stopping them now. We have decentralized social media platforms already, such as Hive. We have superior technology to their Web 2.0 crap. It is time for adoption brothers and sisters.