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The meme contest in the slothbuzz discord continues. Taking a look at the latest update by @slothbuzz we keep the prize pool growing steadily.

That causes mixed feelings in me. Sure, I want to win, but I also want the prize pool to grow.


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So let's assume we go for another 6 weeks. That way I can also put together a few posts, each of which will earn me at least one HSBI for mentioning the contest and linking to the discord channel.

Additionally we get 1 SLOTHBUZZ token added to the prize pool for every week this contest lasts.


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And that could turn out wonderful, since the SLOTHBUZZ tokens are currently very scarce and cost at least one HIVE.

Remember, only 6.9 of them are minted per day, that's not much.

I figure, as long as I just earn them "on the side" and not buy them, there's nothing to lose.

After all, creating those memes is a lot of fun for me, I really enjoy it.


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And while we are searching for and creating new MEMEs (won't post any of the others this time in case the meme bot picks some up again) I have to admit, those being posted against me are a lot of fun as well.

Most of them are really put together with thought and wit. Just hop over to the discord channel and have a look.


Some on the other hand...

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But that's ok.

I'm sure some of mine are not considered to be funny or witty by others. So it all evens out eventually...


So I implore you to have some fun and come join us. Check out the rules (in the post linked above) to find out that the prize pool will grow faster with more people involved.

And whenever you post a meme addressed to me:

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Hope to see you around.

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🍕 PIZZA Party!

I gifted $PIZZA slices here:
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Join us in Discord!


!PIZZA for you :)

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