A HEX Cryptocurrency Experiment

I personally believe that the HEX ERC-20 tokens is a scam. I've gone so far as to mint and issue HEX "Scam King IOU" token on Hive-Engine. Mostly the purpose of HEX H-E tokens is dumping depositing them in the LASSECASH liquidity pools as a reward to providers and trolling @lasseehlers.

Anyway, this video below is an interesting type of cryptocurrency experiment by the Upfront Crypto YouTube channel. Nor an "experiment" in the scientific sense but a sort of verifiable proof of principle that goes toward confirming or denying a hypothesis.

The video was posted two months ago and currently has less than 300 views.

Besides posting this because I feel that this is interesting this post is also a reminder to myself to check for an update video later this year after his HEX staking experiment concludes.


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