My Actifit Report Card: September 15 2023


Oh, my God !! It's Friday, which means it's leg day!!

For some reason it always feels hard to start leg training. as if the mood for the gym disappeared instantly. 😂😂

To be honest, in the past I always skipped leg training, I always focused on training my upper body. In my training schedule, leg training seems to have been crossed out or deleted completely. because legday really feels heavy and painful.

but my view suddenly changed when I observed my neighbors, I saw people who were only 55 or 60 years old were having difficulty walking properly. In my heart "oh maybe it's because of their old age."
but one day I read, as we get older, our muscles will shrink. That's where I understood how important it is for us to train our leg muscles, because the legs are an important part that supports our body.

As we get older, our muscles become thinner and our leg muscles are not trained, someday it will definitely make it difficult for us to walk. This will certainly make us become sluggish, this forces our body to no longer be able to work flexibly and actively. which will indirectly hinder all our activities, making us very unproductive.

I'm grateful, I can see these things and turn them into life lessons. To stay healthy I have to train my leg muscles, not just my chest, shoulders, back and other muscles.

I hope it's not too late for me to start training my leg muscles, so that in my old age I can remain productive and can continue to carry out normal activities with my children and grandchildren in the future 😂..

I hope it inspires all of you friends..
see you!!!
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Gym, Weight Lifting


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