Various Hive Tribes Are An Asset


As a routine was on to check my newsfeed on SoMee, however much to my surprise, I could not. The message stated, "We are performing scheduled site maintenance at this time. Please check back with us later".

Now if you are a regular blogger like me, this can make you restless as it's a habit to read, post, as well as encourage other community members through upvoting their content and in turn viewing which content of yours have been liked by others. During this maintenance period, which mind you has now been for over 10 hours from when I last noticed, does not make me for a second annoyed. Why? A couple of reasons, and here is the explanation.

Firstly, SoMee a project that aims to transform Social Media by promoting Community building, encouraging Free Speech, Privacy and Earn from content creation through various means. It's Developers are currently working on an upgrade version 5.0 which will bring about improvements and loading speed on the platform. They promise it being a huge update that will impress and bring about mass adoption when marketing push is initiated. So if currently this maintenance is due to the release of this upgrade, the Community is all up for it.

Secondly, I have been introduced to a wider Community and tribe that I had no idea exists. Thanks to @greywarden100 and a few others, getting introduced to the extended projects on hive, their Platforms, Tokens, Communities, Content preferences and genres, has allowed me to continue with content creation, blogging, upvoting, sharing and expressing of my thoughts and day, on various platforms than one. This has been a great opportunity to branch out, bridge with many Community members, educate, inform, learn and tie bonds by reaching and extending to many readers. A fantastic and beneficial way for every tribe to collaborate, share content, strength decentralised social platforms, bring potential growth and success.

So sure, SoMee can take the time they need to improve their platform whilst we can improve our social, educational, creative and like minded publications.

Thank you to all the various Hive tribes for appreciating, supporting and upvoting. I look forward to reading your publications and sharing mine which not only helps the day go by, but keeps me entertained and informed in Sports, Tourism, Health, Funny Memes, Beautiful natural scenery, Pets, to name a few. Each of which are highly appreciated and interesting, so keep posting and sharing. See you all in the next post, Godwilling.