PEPE Token Goal: Fifty Million PEPE in Circulation


Goal is to get enough tokens in circulation to prepare for staking, and rewards!


Currently about 16,361,463.6341253 PEPE tokens in circulation. Goal is to have about three times this amount in circulation. Once we have closer to fifty million tokens in circulation will have more funds to cover costs of activating more token features. While also preparing by first activating staking so that tokens may be staked in preparation for voting and rewards.

Staking Activation

At some point we could activate staking so that tokens may start being staked. Then maybe introducing rewards for staking to reward those for holding PEPE tokens. While also showing number of accounts and tokens ready for voting once activated.

PEPE Million

One may get about one million PEEP tokens for about fifty HIVE and become a millionaire in PEPE tokens! There are about a handful of PEPE millionaires already!

Currently setting a goal of the fifty million tokens in circulation which will increase sales and getting more tokens in circulation to better prepare for activating the staking and reward functions for the PEPE token.

Feels Good Man!,