Camel and Collider (fable)


Camel and Collider

In a lifeless desert, where the wind blows hot sand,
Camel walked, exhausted from long march and thirst.
He got lost and wandered in desert for a long time,
At first he was looking for answers about meaning of life,
But soon the only thing he became interested, was water.

In another country, in the depths of a secret laboratory,
Huge Collider worked like a magnificent magician.
He dispersed and collided incomprehensibly small particles,
And thus he read the secrets of universe like an open book.

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One day, Camel, tired and completely exhausted,
Stood on hot sand dune and looked into the distance.
Camel turned to the sky asking for a sip of water,
And also about finding way home, but first a sip of water.

Suddenly portal opened in the air, like a thawed hole in ice,
Fresh wind blew through the gate, full of moisture and aromas.
Camel decided that this was a mirage, but still went forward,
Catching drops of dew that could not exist in desert.

Ahead was a real fresh lake with thick bushes and green grass.
Camel drank water and went to sleep under huge cedar tree.
He was sure that when he woke up, mirage would disappear,
But in the morning lake remained in place, as well as juicy grass.

"Have I really gone to heaven?" - Camel exclaimed enthusiastically.

"This is not heaven, this is another planet
A million light years away, - Collider answered. -
I created your quantum twin in another world,
And then I swapped his consciousness with yours.
Now you are in his place, and he is dying in desert."

"But what's the point? Why did you save me?"

"I just testing one of my theories, and your salvation
Is a side effect of my experiment, like death of your twin."

"Death of my twin?" - Camel muttered sadly.

"Of course, because deadly desert remains deadly desert,
Someone had to get lost in it and die of thirst.
Either you or your quantum twin. Sorry, that's science."

"That's science..." - repeated Camel with heavy sigh,
Then he picked bunch of juicy grass and chewed it slowly.
After that, he drank clean water and went to bed again
On soft moss in cool shade of thousand-year-old cedar.

"There's nothing to be done, - said Camel, falling asleep. -
Sorry, that's science, you know."

The original text was written by me in Russian. I haven't studied English systematically so the translation may not be ideal. The main work was done by Google Translate, I just corrected obvious absurdities, where I noticed them and where I did not confuse them with brilliant insights.