Dentist and Astronaut (fable)


Dentist and Astronaut

In space, far from known star roads,
Astronaut, skilled and brave hero, flew.
He explored planets on border of world
And discovered strange distant systems.

But one day, in silence of deep space
Astronaut felt sharp toothache.
Tooth hurt painfully, as if needle was sticking in.
Astronaut realized that he needed urgent help.

Free image from Pixabay

He returned to Earth, to the best Dentist,
Who was always attentive to patients.
Dentist inserted a new good tooth
And said to Astronaut, that now he ready
For long-distance flights again.

Astronaut once again flew into endless space,
Thanking Dentist and leaving as souvenir
Fragment of alien planet, more expensive than gold,
Rarer than the only pearl at the bottom of ocean.

It was not by chance that fragment remained,
Soon it reminded doctor about himself,
When in the middle of night it bloomed like a huge flower
And swallowed Dentist like mosquito, without a trace.

Astronaut received a signal about this and nodded:
Plan to take over the Earth began to be carried out.
He wanted to send message to Center, but couldn't,
Something in mouth prevented him from breathing.

Before Astronaut even had time to cough,
When artificial tooth bloomed like a huge flower
And swallowed Astronaut like mosquito, without a trace.

So two enemy super-civilizations clashed for the Earth,
And we, like calm capybaras, just watched this,
Understanding absolutely nothing about anything,
Hoping that new owners will explain everything to us
As always.

The original text was written by me in Russian. I haven't studied English systematically so the translation may not be ideal. The main work was done by Google Translate, I just corrected obvious absurdities, where I noticed them and where I did not confuse them with brilliant insights.