Mermaid and Deer (fable)


Mermaid and Deer

On the shore of lake, where water splashes over stones,
There lived Mermaid, who constantly sang her songs.
She blinded everyone with her incredible fabulous beauty,
And guarded underwater kingdom in the depths of lake.

In the forest, among tall majestic trees,
There lived Deer with powerful huge antlers.
He wandered through the clearings in his world,
And always listened to Mermaid sing.

Free image from Pixabay

Mermaid attracted Deer not only with her voice,
But also with her rather appetizing appearance.
Deer looked at her through the thick branches,
And his heart beat to the rhythm of hot tango.

However, the waters of lake reliably kept their secrets,
And they didn’t let Mermaid go one step away from them.
She couldn't leave her watery kingdom,
But Deer could not leave his life in forest.

So they continued to exist, each in their own world,
But sometimes they met on the shore of lake.
Deer listened with rapture to the sweet songs of Mermaid,
And Mermaid watched him shake his horns.

Lesson from this fable is not poetic, but everyday.
Fall in love with people of your circle and your world,
Don't look at those who inaccessible to you,
Because life is not at all like a fairy tale.
Listen to the words of old experienced man.

The original text was written by me in Russian. I haven't studied English systematically so the translation may not be ideal. The main work was done by Google Translate, I just corrected obvious absurdities, where I noticed them and where I did not confuse them with brilliant insights.