Mustard and Rhinoceros (fable)


Mustard and Rhinoceros

In a dense forest, among tall grass,
There lived Mustard, a quiet and low plant.
She gave yellow fruits, bitter in taste,
And everyone, who tried them, winced and spat.

In the same forest, in a distant windbreak,
There lived Rhinoceros, a terrible beast.
He was huge, strong and menacing,
No one could compare with him in strength.

Free image from Pixabay

Animals in the forest didn't know who to complain
On this restless and annoying nasty Rhinoceros,
Nobody wanted to mess with him, all valued their lives.

But one day, hungry and tired,
Rhinoceros wandered into Mustard thicket.
And Mustard, a small and fragile plant,
Treated him to her fruits to scare him away.

Rhinoceros tasted a little and suddenly jumped.
The bitterness of taste pleased him extraordinarily.
He screamed throughout the forest with joy,
And rushed away in an unknown direction.

A month passed, then another, everyone forgot about him,
Everyone thought, he was dead, and breathed sigh of relief,
When suddenly he appeared again, in tailcoat with a bow tie,
Clean-shaven and with carefully combed hair.

While animals dreamed that Rhinoceros was missing,
He went to Paris and conduct business negotiations
With the best restaurateurs about the new seasoning,
Called Mustard, which conquered the whole France.

So Rhinoceros, known exclusively as a penniless bandit,
Transformed into respectable owner of profitable business,
Whose grandchildren a couple of times became president
We won’t name country, because this clan still influential.

So, if you want to defeat someone, a stick might be useful,
But first try carrot, results may pleasantly surprise you.

The original text was written by me in Russian. I haven't studied English systematically so the translation may not be ideal. The main work was done by Google Translate, I just corrected obvious absurdities, where I noticed them and where I did not confuse them with brilliant insights.


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