Do not eat 5 foods after exercise

Exercising for weight loss, well-built muscles, or good health? Also, if you eat unhealthy or unhealthy foods, you will not get any benefit from exercise. It will not be as beneficial as the bodyweight goes out of control. For this reason, in addition to exercising, you also need to control some foods. This article highlights some of the foods.


Excessive sugary foods

Drinks, soft drinks, tea with extra sugar, or any extra sweet food should not be eaten after exercise. If you want to stay healthy, you have to avoid sugary foods.
But soft drinks contain excess sugar which is very harmful to health. If you are thirsty, eat ice tea without water or sugar without soft drinks.

Extra salty foods

Exercise removes a lot of water and potassium from the body with sweat. Many people eat extra salty foods or drinks to supplement their potassium deficiency. But it is not necessary. The salt that enters the body with food is enough. Eat nutritious food to overcome potassium deficiency. Bananas in particular have a lot of potassium. So if you feel hungry after exercising, eat bananas and some dried fruits. Get back the energy of the body.

Fatty foods

Many people eat cheese, burgers, pizza, biryani, polao, etc. with little exercise. But if you want to stay healthy or lose weight, you should not eat extra fatty foods by exercising. Avoid any fast food, fatty foods, or fried foods after exercise. If you have a tendency to eat this type of food after exercise, instead of reducing fat, bad cholesterol in the blood increases, and the chances of getting heart disease increase.

Cakes, pastries

Cakes, pastries, cream rolls, donuts, etc. are very tasty to eat. Even after eating such food, it stays in the stomach for a long time. And if you feel very hungry after exercising, it is very good to eat them.

There is a great need for carbohydrates to replenish the body's lost glycogen after exercise. Cakes and pastries are high in carbohydrates, but very low in nutrients. Therefore, you should avoid such foods by eating red flour bread or red rice to make up for the lack of carbohydrates.

Only raw vegetables

Many people exercise again to lose weight as well as diet. Exercise burns a lot of calories in the body. So the body needs the ideal food after exercise to provide energy. After exercise, the body needs a balanced diet rich in calories, vitamins, and proteins. Those who include only salads or raw vegetables in their diet do not meet the required calorie requirements of the body. So after exercise, you should not only eat raw vegetables but also cooked vegetables, chicken meat, etc. with a little oil. Otherwise, the body will become weak.
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