It's a Buzzing MEME contest! Prizes! GIVEAWAY!!!! CONTEST!!!


Good morning CoMOONity! It's a beautiful Monday morning, so what better time to recap our on going meme contest?

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2 SlothBuzz +1 Weekly (next addition 26/1)

530 MEME tokens 10 per meme submitted.

SlothBuzz recap posts 2 = 2 HiveSBI

Donated Prizes:
100 Ecency points from @P2EProject
5000 MEME from @cmmemes


Create an original meme and share in Discord

If your post is the last post by 24 hours, you win.
Simple right?

Bonus prize:
Write a Blog post on Hive about the contest with the discord link and share the post in the article thread channel on discord for 1 HiveSBI.

Rewarded articles:

How the prize pool grows:


10 MEME tokens for every meme submitted!
1 Hive SBI for every SlothBuzz meme recap post!
If we have 5+ users posting a meme per day, we'll add 1 SlothBuzz per day.
1 Slothbuzz for EVERY Week the contest lasts!

So, let's have a little recap of how it's going so far! Sloth created the meme contest totally out of his own imagination, with the sole intention of giving away PRIZES!!!

Of course, the Sllothbuzz community knows sloth, so the memes started taking a turn! Does anyone else think they're picking on sloth?


There's been a few entries hoping to secure that 24 hour window!



And of course we've had our........ ODD... entries, I guess, without specifying what type of meme we want, a memes a meme!

Is it a meme? Is it words on a background! You decide!



Thanks for reading! Here's how you can earn a prize right now!!!

Sloth needs good chuckle on a Monday morning, so any MEME posted as a comment to this article, (not using !MEME bot lol) which makes sloth laugh, gets 100 MEME tokens! Simnples!

PS sloth likes sloths, and slow jokes! (Keep them simple, its Monday!)

And why not post it to the slothbuzz discord and try snipe that growing prize pool?

Until next time, we're off to listen to and think of some more memes!

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PS sloth likes sloths, and slow jokes! (Keep them simple, its Monday!)

HA! Just for that you get a thinker:


Now think about this:

If I post that meme twice (without anything in between), it starts a recursive referenc to itself that can not be broken at which point we won't have to wait 24 hours anymore.

Time would stop, earth collapse, universe explode and all that shit.

Only thing left would be chuck norris posing for memes.

edit: image taken by myself, text by me, etc...

2nd edit:

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