52 Chaos Legion packs opening: 2 Gold Foiled GENERAL SLOAN and many more!

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I have invested around 150 dollars for my secondary account @almahadi and I will play this account and learn to know how efficient the Splinterlands game is for the new players. In this case I have bought around 60 packs from may own account to increase my airdrop points as my target is to get some legendary summoners. And at this day I have bought almost 300 packs from the shop, I need to buy more around 280 packs to ensure the rest of the airdrop summoners! And I am going to continue my buying until the packs are gone.
Among those 60 packs I send 52 packs in my secondary account as I have some potions left in this account for a long time. and i opened all the packs here.
I will not transfer assets from this acount to observe the growth here. But for important cards, i will exchange the assests with the same value . And I will show the growth in timely manners.
I hope you like the pack opening video.

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Thank you so much for your time and attention.
I will catch you at the next.


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