🇺🇦🇵🇱 Ukrainian military tore off the turret of the Leopard tank


It is reported that the German tank Leopard 2A4 transferred to the Armed Forces of Ukraine lost its turret during the descent from the hill during training in Poland.

“Ukrainian soldiers, who were training on the still Polish Leopard 2A4s, just drove into each other.
It probably happened like this:
One tank ran into another, drove into its armor and crashed into the turret, simply tearing the turret out of the hull.

As for such an accident, well, to be honest, I still can’t remember aseeing such inept driving somewhere, ”said Piotr Pavelka, a reserve officer of the Polish army, on his YouTube channel.

When exactly the incident occurred, the officer did not specify.🤣🤣

I can if I want, but sometimes I'm lazy)

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