How Web3 Rewards Content to Earn 10+ Cryptocurrencies with Hive & More


Blog and Vlog to Earn 10+ Cryptocurrencies

Blog to earn 10 cryptocurrencies for each article or video you share with Hive!

Be sure to read on about a Hive changing Witness Developer project below!

Do you use Social Media and let corporations sell your information, de-monetize, shadow ban or hide your content with algorithms? Want your Twitter account scraped and all content monetized on Hive, its coming... read on.

When you are posting you can include 10 tags yet you must only use relevant tags or you risk the DV (down vote). I challenge you to post about multiple topics to include 10 of these tags so you may earn 10 Cryptocurrencies with each article or video you share.

Be sure to check the tags in this post as it is earning 12 Cryptocurrencies from the 10 hashtags including HIVE & HBD with relevant content for each tag.

hashtagtoken curationPost @ Link
neoxianNEOXAGThe City Front End
pimpPIMPPIMP Front End
listLISTHive List Front End
hustlerHUSTLERHive Hustlers Front End
tribesBEETribalDex Blog Front End
leofinanceLEOLEO Front End
weedWEEDWEED Cash Front End
cinetvCINECINE TV Front End
splintertalkSPTSPT Front End
oneupONEUP1UP Front End
aliveALIVEAlive Front End
palPALPALnet Front End
ctpCTPCTP Front End
vybVYBVYB Front End
battleBATTLEBATTLE Front End
pobPOBPOB Front End
archonARCHONARCHON Front End searching...
thgamingTHGNone Yet
pgmPGMNone yet
opgOPGNone Yet

also consider more Hive blogging Outposts listed that reward HIVE & HBD

Peakd Blogging & Hive tools
D.Buzz Threads
Liketu Blogging
Exxp Blogging
Truvvl Travel Blogging
Travel Feed Travel Blogging
Waiv Blogging
Engrave Blogging
Engage Blogging
BlockTunes Music Blogging & NFT
SkateHype Skate Blogging
Cast Garden Free Speech Hive-Tube Videos Vigilante Hive-Tube Videos Cartoon Hive-Tube Videos Hive-Tube Videos

Preferred Hive Outpost I Utilize

Neoxian City

Fun Community with Games & Outpost rewarding NEOXAG, HIVE & HBD cryptocurrencies

Join The Conversation
Join The City of Neoxian chat here

Blog from The Cities Front End
Join The City of Neoxian front end here

You can create a Hive account from the Neoxian City portal
Simply go to Neoxian City Outpost and click "Sign up"

Be sure to visit the weekly City Paper published today with puzzlers, giveaway winner announced and awesome articles curated



Just click the link above to learn more about open-source Hive-Tube integration possibilities

Do you produce music, videos or stream? Then you want to take a closer look here at Cast Garden depending on your content you can also check out,, or linked above.

More integration resources for those interested here on Agorise project blog & here on NPM

Check out the Hive Developer KenCode's blog here & from his Hive description Creator of PalmPay, Hive-Tube, HiveCast dapp, GrapheneJ, BiTSy Wallet, C-IPFS, Hive-Press, PalmPay Woo, PalmPay WHMCS and more.

Be sure to throw this Hive Innovator & top notch developer a vote on his awesome proposal that will change Hive here

This Part taken from his most recent post via D.Buzz here

Sick of the #TwitterSpaces walled garden?

Stream 320K audio and 4K video from and get P2P syndicated to the #Fediverse at the same time.

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The Cartel Gaming Guild

Check out The Cartel "How to Create Stunning Posts"

Join The Cartel here in discord & consider delegating to their many curation accounts below




My Hive Project

HWS - Hive Web Services


This is my wife Lerma & I, we plan to open our first little HWS data center here in Baguio.

Vote my witness click here


Funding & Move to PIInitial PurchasesUI DevelopmentEstablish Partnerships

A few verbal partnership agreements already with a studio and several developers, join us in THG discord to learn more or become a Partner and have your services offered on HWS


THG - Threshold Guardian Gaming Guild

THGaming Official Social Media Links

🔹 THGaming Discord

🔸 THGgaming Instagram

🔹 Youtube : @jim-crypto



BRO - The Mancave

visit @raymondspeaks - @brofund - @brofi Links

Join the conversation in

Give their TWITTER a follow



PIMP Front End

PIMP - @enginewitty

Located in The Alliance Discord

Need help with your post getting engagement visit
Pimp Your Post Thursday PYPT - by @shadowspub
Join The Conversation in discord
(not related to PIMP Token just in name)




Helpful Hive Links

How to keep your Hive account safe from phishing attacks & scammers click here

How to create a permanent discord link click here

How to grow your project helping new bloggers click here

How to earn up to 12 cryptocurrencies with a single article click here

How to utilize Hive.Vote to follow Psyber-X vote & curation trail click here

Dynamicrypto HWS Community Plan & Witness Announcement click here

Vote for me Troy Green (@dynamicrypto) as a witness click here

Vote Fellow Veteran @enginewitty as witness click here

Vote Fellow Veteran @veteranforcrypto as witness click here

Vote For Psyber-X @psyberx.witness as witness click here

Not sure how to vote? Proxy Me, I will handle it

Active key authority is required for setting a "Proxy".
Go to Hive Wallet

Screenshot (1524).png
using the old screenshot for memories of my start as a Witness, now rank #100

Screenshot (1525).png

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Royal Reptile Studio

Psyber-X - Steam key required in pre-alpha testing
Psyber-Decks - link secret in pre-alpha testing
Psyber-Towers - in development
Psyber-Sects - top down shooter mobile version of Psyber-X not started until Psyber-X is finished

Learn how to gain early access in discord


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BLOG is actually a token of defunct front end It wasn't quite a "pump and dump" but the issuer @blogtoken tried minting and selling a bunch of BLOG tokens and has since abandoned the token and tribe. The smart contract still mints BLOG but it is really a nothingburger.