Important info from Wolf Pack ALPHA on X!


Hello Wolf pack family.. Wolf Pack ALPHA here again. I think that announcing this bullish news on X is of utter importance in order for us to add more wolves to our ranks.

As you all know very well, many wolves have been scammed out there by unscrupulous wolves in Sheep's clothing. These poor soles that have been scammed need to find a family. They need a tribe that takes care of them and protects them from scammers.

These poor wolves don't only get scammed of their cryptos. But they have been getting scammed by the Coersive Public Sector State through taxation theft all of their lives.

It is why our WPK token has no taxes because we are against the Public Sector State Control of the Economy (Socialism), and it's taxation theft. We are going to fight both the Wolves in Sheep's clothing in this space and the Statist scammers trying to steal our funds through taxation theft.

But let me not get carried away because the news I will be announcing here is going to blow the minds of stray wolves looking for a home.

I, the Wolf-Pack ALPHA Locked another 9% of my tokens. These 9% I locked for 5 years. Proof is in the screenshot next to my picture and in the following link on Cronos Scan (proof)…

I have locked 27% token supply I purchased to insure that our entire wolven family feels safe and knows that we are a real family here that sticks with each other to fight the predators of the Public Sector and the ones pretending to be developers in this space.

Our token supply is extremely limited, with only 1 million tokens in existence. Out of those 1 million tokens. 27% of them are out of circulation and locked in a smart contract for years. This is what I do for my family.

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I also want to add to that tweet that i have added another 1.5% of my tokens to our liquidity pool, Source:

And you don't have to worry about anyone having control of the liquidity pool as liquidity tokens have been burnt, meaning that our token is unruggable. Source:

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Our token's Contract Address: 0xB0ceEDa9351B8e6754637AF219f2087Fd073833E

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