Powering Up Ten (10) Hive To Add Additional Hive Power


Powering up to have moar power, give / earn share moar curating.


Powering Up in spirit of Hive Power Up day! Although I power down as well. Also lease Hive Power (HP). Kind of a weird strategy. Want and need Hive Power (HP). While also wanting to balance things out with a falling price of $Hive. So therefore holding moar in HBD, less in HP, and leasing HP to ultimately grow and share moar HBD, Hive, and HP. This way my big amount of Hive Power (HP) is effectively a lot moar in Hive (value) than I really have. Making me feel bigger than I am and my account is. This also gives the image of my account being bigger and giving / sharing bigger / moar upvotes. Also allowing to be moar liquid to offer moar liquidity for the $PEPE token. To aim at being moar versatile and flexible.

This power up still grow my base Hive Power to be a little bigger and increase the Hive Power and upvote value just a little percentage.

Incorporate my own strategy feeling that Hive Power is important as well as Hive Power Up day. Suggest reading moar about this idea:

HPUD: Important For Hive's Future by @taskmaster4450

The importance of HPUD is not the contest and the ability to win prizes. It is the emphasis on the importance of staking the coin so as to increase one's influence. On a personal level this might not seem like much but, collectively, it can have an impact.

Proof of Hive Power Up (three hours after posting)


Feels Good Man!

notification list (comment to be added): @ganjafarmer

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You powered-up at least 10 HIVE on Hive Power Up Day!
Wait until the end of Power Up Day to find out the size of your Power-Bee.
May the Hive Power be with you!

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Great job! Every 10 HP helps get moar influence and that is moar betterer. Task is right, collectively we can make a difference by powering up / staking our Hive. It helps the price when there are less for sale on the market.

Also, I wish you success with your HP strategy and all strategic things you do for us in your PEPE community!