Sloths invading the Memers!

Not sure the "best" template here? Do we just Meme? Or do we blog? Let's try to Sloth out the best of both worlds! Slow introduction coming up!


Well let me introduce myslef, I'm @slothlydoesit! Slowest sloth around! I come from a DYOR crypto community, and we all know cryto and memes go hand in hand! Infact, here's one for the #slothbuzz community!


Come help this Sloth token get to the Moon! SlothBuzz have NFTs coming soon, along with games, tools and fun! Plus lots of Memes along the way! Maybe we launch the first hive Sloth collection, that's the aim, as long as we're not to slooooow to it!

So much Puntential with Sloths! On that note, let me leave you with my last image for the memers community! Sat watching a Gif with this sloth yesterday, turns out it was just an image!


Posted with Love from Sloth.Buzz community!

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