11th HH Power Up Day is HERE!!! - Stake your HH Tokens NOW! πŸ₯³

What's up Henthusiasts! πŸ€—

Another HH Power Up Day has Commenced. It's time to Stake your Liquid HH Tokens! πŸ₯³πŸ₯³πŸ₯³

Every 5th and 25th Day of each month, we will hold the HH Power Up Day (HHPUD). Everyone who will participate in this activity, will have a chance to win more HH Tokens. πŸ₯³


100,000 HH Delegation for 1 Month

What are you waiting for? This is your chance to earn more HH Tokens. πŸ”₯πŸ’ͺ



The rules are simple in order for you to join in our HHPUD:

1) Follow @hhguild and subscribe to Henthusiast Haven Community.

2) Stake a minimum of 100 HH Tokens during HHPUD. (DATE and TIME would be using PH Time)

3) After staking HH Tokens, create a post in the Henthusiast Haven Community about joining the HHPUD and also how many you staked. Kindly use the tags #hhguild and #hhpud in your posts.

4) Share the link of your post in the comment section below. πŸ‘‡

That's it and your entry will be counted in the giveaway we will held for HH Power Up Day! πŸ₯³

Take Note:

  • Every 100 HH Tokens you staked is equivalent to 1 Entry.

  • If there is an ongoing unstaking in your account, your Staked Tokens during HHPUD would be subtracted with the amount of unstaking tokens. The remaining tokens will be the only accounted for as valid entries.

  • Once the HHPUD ends, the lottery will be drawn and a total of 5 Lucky Winners will be announced. In this giveaway, you can only win once which means that when you are picked as winner, your name would then be removed from the lottery.

This activity encourages every Henthusiasts out there to stake their HH Tokens and since the HH Token is now already a #HiveTribe, staking HH means that you'll now be able to earn curation rewards for upvoting posts in the community or those tagged with #hhguild.




Henthusiast Haven Guild (HH Guild) is founded as a decentralized autonomous organization in the Philippines that focuses on building a cooperative environment for everyone, including investors, gamers, content creators, developers and others, to gather and create wealth together in the Metaverse. HH Guild ought to invest on different assets from profitable platforms, projects, blockchain games and NFTs, in order to have the guild members, especially those who are still novice in the blockchain space, a backer to push them towards their goals in the metaverse. HH Guild also aims to create a virtual economy that incorporates the real world economy by maximizing its assets and profits for faster progression of its goals.


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