HP Redelegations and Update on HH Guild Curation

Hello Henthusiasts!

This is will be just a short post hehe 😁

As of now, our curators have been defunct for more than a month now and since then, I am still looking for ways how to get it back working and decided for now to just redelegate the tokens first, especially the Hive Power.

We have redelegated 1000 Hive Power and 1000000 HH Power to @hhguild in order to support our Henthusiasts who are still showing continued support to our community by using #hhguild tag on their posts.

Screenshot 2024-02-05 130404.png

Screenshot 2024-02-05 131308.png

Again, we curate #hhguild posts:

  1. At 51-100% voting weight to HH Guild Members and reblogs all of them;
  2. At 1-50% voting weight to Non HH Guild Members and reblogs all of those who got 40% and above voting weight.

With the increase of our HP and HH Power on this account, we are also able to support our Henthusiasts more!

To our beloved Delegators on @hhguild-curator and @hhguild-curators, I greatly appreciate you all and humbly apologize for having these accounts defunct, as such, we are planning to give you compensation for all these time. More details will be given later on.

That will be all for this short post, thank you and God Bless Henthusiasts! 🤗


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